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Bulldog 05-16-2018 06:25 PM

Location of Cable Splitter/ Booster?
I own a Thor Quantum Class C (Model No. RW 28) motorhome, and having issues with the Cable TV input- unable to get it to operate off of any of the RV park cable inputs. If I run a cable directly to any of the TV's in the coach from the RV input, I get a picture....

Called Thor Customer Service (now I know some of you are laughing by now, 'cause there is no "service", just an excuse line as most of us know), and was told the whole cable system in the RV would need to be replace- "take it to the dealer".

I've seen posts where folks have resolved these same issues by tightening or replacing cables that tie-in to the splitter or booster... Thor won't tell me where either is located in my coach...

Hoping that someone that owns a Class C Thor can enlighten me as to where I should start searching for the splitter/booster (hopeful that I won't have to tear into walls- that's when I'd take to the dealer- 3 hours away from where I live)...

thanks in advance for your ideas!

DenverTransplant 05-16-2018 09:40 PM

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We have an ACE 30.1 and I found the splitter stuffed in the wall behind the amplifier switch. One of the connections on the amplifier was making intermittent contact - not a connector problem, the bad contact was on the board. I ended up removing the amplifier and splitter and replacing it with a Winegard switch box that I found on e-bay. Now I can independently control what signal goes to which TV.

Mustang46555 05-16-2018 10:07 PM

On our RS26 there is a button in the front left upper cabinet by the DVD player that controls input from either the antenna or cable. Little green light should be off then reprogram the TV to "find" the cable channels. Literally JUST went through this, sitting at a KOA in Ohio watching "Bones" right now. 05-16-2018 11:16 PM

I had a weak signal since day one on my rig. Asked Thor support (?????) the same question and got a reply that the assembly line puts them wherever it's convenient. I finally took the inside panel in the cabinet that has the antenna/cable switch out and found the first splitter (to front tv / rear) Sure enough the cables were loose. Guess the installers don't know what a 7/16 wrench is.
That fixed the reception on the front tv, but I could only watch the rear or outside tv separately.
In the fall while winterizing, I had the access panel off under the shower looking for the fresh water drains, I spotted the other splitter on the outside wall. I removed one of the outside speakers and sure enough there was the other spiltter with with loose connections!

2015axis 05-18-2018 04:44 AM

Like I have said in the past... Ford makes a pretty good chassis + - Thor makes a pretty good coach.. the folks that marry them together need to spend a little more time on quality control.

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