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Barrett3252 05-24-2018 01:56 PM

Is it possible to run an HDMI Cable from Dish box in living area to Bedroom
We have a 2018 Thor ACE 30.4. We have the Dish Wally and the Playmaker that only has hook ups for one cable connection to the back of the Wally receiver. I have a 3 HDMI splitter that I am hooking up to the Wally from the outside HDMI cable that comes the outside TV and the large living room TV so I can watch Dish either outside or inside. My question is I know the bedroom tv is connected to a HDMI inlet that is on the left hand side of the bed (if laying in it) that has four USB inlets next to it. So how do you run a long HDMI cable through the hole behind the large tv in the living room which i believes comes out underneath the cabinet in the bathroom (while sitting down look left under the shelf). I think it might be possible to get to that area, but is there another area to get to the back tv so I could hook the HDMI cable that i will buy so i could watch Dish at three different locations. I understand it will be the same station. Any help would be great.

Tim Barrett

PNTR10 05-24-2018 03:40 PM

I am a little confused by what you are trying to do (normal for me).I can only speak with certainty for my 29M. I have an hdmi swichbox in my upper cabinet, hopefully you do as well. The switchbox is connected to all 3tvs and has hdmi inputs and three outputs. If you plug the output from your Wally into that switchbox it will feed all of your tvs at the same time. Just make sure you set your tvs to the appropriate hdmi input. Good luck.

davepetroski 06-09-2018 01:27 AM

I have the ACE 30.2 and the Wally/ playmaker setup. My Ace had two HDMI runs to the living room and outside TV. Each of these two runs terminated in the cabinet above the couch opposite the Living room TV.

I also desired to have satellite in the bedroom and bunk beds. What I did was traced the route of the living room hdmi cable. It took a path behind the kitchen close to the bedroom. I pulled the cable back and installed an HDMI splitter under the bunk. Then I ran new HDMI cables to the living room, bedroom and 2 bunks. I put an HDMI switchbox in the original AV cabinet with the Wally, Apple TV and DVD player. You can watch the same channel on all the inside TVs and another source outside. Another benefit is the Wally will allow 2 remotes to be configured per box. I keep one remote up front and one In the bedroom. It works great HD on all 5 displays.

Lt Keefer 06-27-2018 06:04 PM

My 29M only has the HDMI cables to the front and outside TV. I wonder if Thor forgot something on mine.

Propwash 09-02-2018 12:11 AM

I have similar concerns with my 2018 Axis 24.1. I was very disappointed to find that each tv has a short HDMI cable attached in it's respective area, but no routing to a common HDMI connection point/switch to enable connecting all three to my DISH sat box!

I would have to run a HDMI cable out my kitchen window down to the outside TV to have it and the living room sets connected, but it would be just about impossible to route back to the bedroom tv.

My sat box output does have a coax output that I can feed back out thru the kitchen window, then plug in to the external cable connection. By having the bedroom and external sets selecting "cable" rather than HDMI source, it will give me low resolution on the external and bedroom sets...but that is not my goal!! :mad:

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