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Wendell 09-10-2018 08:24 PM

Borg or Tireman Valve Stems?
l have the original valve stems and extensions installed. Need to replace them but not sure which to get. Had Borg on the Winnebago View but still needed to remove the wheel liners (Real Wheels) to check the air. Interested in pros and cons for both brands. I have a TPM on order but not sure if I will be able to install it with the wheel liners. The upgraded valve core kit on the tireman website show what looks like two studs that align the wheel liner true center over the valve core. Appreciate any comments. Thanks.

Evans, Ga.
Quantum KM24

randyj 09-10-2018 10:00 PM

I too have a KM24 and installed the Borg steel valve stems along with the EZE TPMS, flow through sensors.
I have retained the wheel covers on both front and dual rears and have had no problems to date.
4,000 plus miles and roughly 40 nights on the road.
Randy Johnson
Berkeley Lake, GA.

Wendell 09-11-2018 12:16 AM

Thanks Randy. Am I correct in assuming you are able to add air w/o removing your covers? Also, do you still have the part # you purchased?

Evans, Ga.

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