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mdgtmstng 09-26-2018 03:05 PM

1st outing, a success!
Well, our first outing was a success, overall. Even backed it into the driveway on one try upon our return (will wonders never cease???).

We did learn a thing or two... never trust your dealer to do everything they promised! First there was the roof leak before we left (found that thanks to hurricane Florence... fixed), then, went to open up one of the two propane bottles upon arrival, only to find it empty. Thankfully, the other one was full! Then, we learned that we need wood under the lego-style levelling blocks, otherwise they sink into the ground. :whistling:

So, all that leads to a question regarding our last surprise... when we ran the hot water, we got a nasty "sulphurous" (for lack of a better term) smell. I had originally attributed the smell to the pink "antifreeze" in the fresh water tank. But it only comes from the hot water tank. How does one get rid of that?

Finally, electric trailer brake settings...

When we bought the trailer, the dealer went with us, driving locally for back-up training, and we ended up with the truck (Ram 2500 diesel) trailer brake set to 6.5. I didn't change it for the trip, and everything felt good for the 2.5 hr ride to our match. It felt good all the way home, four days later, but as we approached our driveway, I lowered my window, and as we pulled up in front of the house and I applied the truck brakes, I heard some nasty loud squealing from the brakes. After disengaging from the trailer, I took the truck round the block, to see if it was the truck's brakes... nope. Was the 6.5 setting too much?

Thanks as always!

JamieGeek 09-26-2018 03:22 PM

That is great, hopefully more good times are on the horizon.

Bob Denman 09-26-2018 03:45 PM

:D Glad to hear that all went "reasonably well"! :thumb:

The Gritz Carlton 09-26-2018 03:57 PM

The sulfur smell is just that...sulfur and it comes from stale water sitting in the hot water heater too long. Regarding trailer brakes...6.5 may be a little much. Next time out and where you have the safe space...Walmart parking lot...get rig going at slow pace and manually apply trailer brakes only. If they lock up and slide...too high adjustment. Drop the numbers down until you feel the trailer brakes somewhat aggressively slow the entire rig down but not to the point of skidding. try this adjustment at graduated higher speeds making sure it is strong enough but not so tight they lock up. All this assuming you have good brakes on the trailer. I've found that setting 5 works well. With the trailer being a 2004 and not knowing when last brake service was done...this may be your next project. Sounds like you've got metal to metal going on with the trailer.

Bob Denman 09-26-2018 04:30 PM

I agree about the rotten egg smell... :o
And I'm really thankful for my Tankless system! :bow:

rickymac 09-26-2018 04:42 PM

Your first trip sounds a lot like ours when we had our travel trailer.

Seems like you have a great attitude. All RVers need a good attitude!

Enjoy your camping...make memories...have fun!

Bob Denman 09-26-2018 04:48 PM

They either need a great attitude :thumb:: or a great "Beertender"! :bow:

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