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Joe-FL 11-27-2018 02:14 PM

Contaminated Pilot Fuel - Caution!
I realize many on here have gasoline engines so this may not apply or be of interest. This was a case of diesel fuel being contaminated with DEF dispensed from the big rig pumps at the Pilot off of I-65 in Cornersville TN, on Thanksgiving day.

My buddy was hauling his TH fiver from OH to SW Florida with a 1-ton almost new Ram. He began dropping rpms after filling up at the Pilot, finally pulling over north of Birmingham.

After dry camping overnight they were towed into Dodge dealer. They found DEF in fuel tank. Besides draining the tank and changing all the filters he has to have new injectors and crossover lines. Bill is going to be between $10,000 and $15,000 when it is done in a few days.

The only way this could have happened is probably a Pilot delivery driver pumped DEP into one of their underground diesel tanks. There has to be other vehicles out there with trashed motors. My friend has made several calls to Pilot and they deny everything and maintain they are not responsible.

If anyone knows of another case like this from getting diesel at that Pilot on the 22nd please post and I will pass it on to my buddy.


cpmath 11-27-2018 04:42 PM

Highly, highly unlikely. Semi's would use this fuel also and they haven't complained have they?

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