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thomasteacher 12-02-2018 03:03 PM

Winter Camping Thor Class C questions
I am new to RV camping even newer to full-time RV camping. This is my first winter camping in my Thor Class C RV full-time and I have a few questions and concerns.

1. Can I do this?

2. If I can do I need to winterize my camper when it just gets to freezing or right below freezing at night or can I just run the heater inside and leave the hot water tank on to keep everything from freezing?

3. What are your experiences with this?

JamieGeek 12-02-2018 08:27 PM

Welcome to the site.

In general it is possible to winter camp. How you approach it depends a lot on what kinds of temps are you going to be facing?

Since you're full timing that changes (a little) how you would approach winter camping vs a weekender (you can pack up and head south ;) ).

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