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gwizpro 03-04-2019 03:03 AM

Go Pro as Dashcam
Anyone using a Go Pro for a dashcam?

We have one that is not used much and were thinking it might work well..


Calman 03-04-2019 04:06 AM

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I have used a GoPro on my Goldwing trike for many years. Was really great filming my old stomping grounds in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge and roads in the Yukon Terrority. Have also used it in the Atlantic Ocean on coastal kayak adventures.

I had it mounted outside of the trike's windshield with a "shoe." Did it this way because there wasn't enough room to mount behind the windshield. For the kayak, I used the suction mount to mount it on the front deck.

You just brought to the forefront what I've been thinking of doing. That being said it will be easy for me to use in the Vegas since I already have all the necessary accessories:

Option A: Mount a "shoe" above the speedometer and slide the camera into the plastic "shoe".

Option B: Mount a suction-based camera holder with plastic box holding the camera on the dash above the radio.

Attachments are photos of Options A and B.

In either case I'll use a long USB cable to power the GoPro from the USB ports under the radio. If you have a remote (bluetooth) you can use camera at will.

The Gritz Carlton 03-04-2019 12:47 PM

Dash cams are cool and your insurance company will love you for it in the event of a wreck. I use one all the time. Just switched over to the Cobra CDR900 as I had 4 of them. With the Super C, you can't see out front if riding in the coach. I wifi connect the dashcam to the 50" TV up front and guests can see as we travel. I also use them stuck inside windows as surveillance in rest areas, etc., or in screenshot mode when set on motion detection mode. They only turn on if someone walks by the MH. Great for times when you're in a restaurant or somewhere close to coach. I can monitor them from the phone or watch the dogs inside when we're away. Interesting how smart and nosy dogs can be when they don't think you're watching.

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