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KaliMau 04-30-2019 05:07 PM

2014-2016 Outlaw 37 - dangerous?
My friend and I are seriously considering getting a used class A Outlaw toy hauler. We have show dogs and it's a perfect floorplan to allow for that as well as plenty of sleeping options.

Problem is when we mention this to sales people (La Mesa / CampingWorld) we seem to always get the "well, I wouldn't buy one" message. Most refuse to give facts, just alluding to them being problematic or downright dangerous.

One sales person even went so far to say the garages were "death traps" and that that it sways badly on the road and would "rip" the housing off the chassis.

I've tried to research this, but can't find anything factual. Maybe the sales people are just leaning me away from something they can't sell me (they seem to be unicorns in the RV world) or maybe there is something.

I don't want to spend nearly $100,000 on a potential death trap. LOL!

I get that all RVs have some minor issues and accept that - I'm just hoping this forum can help me understand the truth behind these rumors.

We're liking the 37MD model the best, if that helps.

Bob Denman 04-30-2019 05:34 PM

Welcome to the Forum! :D
When I hear salesman say stuff like that: I'm reminded that they've got something else, that they want to sell me... :rolleyes:

I usually respond with something about like this:

In actuality: the F-53 chassis does move around a bit. Fortunatley: there's a "Cheap Handling Fix" (CHF) available, that has been discussed in here an awful lot.
When they try telling you something like this: ask them what they suggest you should buy. I'm guessing that it's something that they've got on their lot, and it's probably more expensive.

Good luck, and happy hunting! :thumb:

The Gritz Carlton 04-30-2019 06:42 PM

^^^Agree with Bob^^^Most salesgoobers don't own, or have never owned an RV. They just stumbled across the AD for the position (turnover is huge) between their used car sale jobs and thought selling RV's would make them more money. They know little about them, how anything operates and will try to steer you in the direction of what's available on the lot. There area a few professionals out there that have made a great living selling RV's but you'll never meet them...they're busy full-time delivering sold units. The ones you will deal with are the ones that stand by the door, waiting on "their turn" on the next customer. Take your time, educate yourself online, ask a million questions here and decide what fits your needs. Find it and buy it. The less time you have to spend with the salesgoober, the less confused you will be.

Bob Denman 04-30-2019 07:49 PM

:D "Salesgoober": you should trademark that name for them! :lol::rofl::lol: :thumb:

Pete'sMH 04-30-2019 09:15 PM

2014-2016 Outlaw 37 - dangerous?
My CW salesgoober was not only uninformed about the product he was rude and arrogant. We liked the RV we came to see but walked out because of this clown. Told another salesperson I’d exchanged emails with about it and the next thing I knew the dealership General Manager called me at home and we made a happy deal on the phone in about 5 minutes. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask the GM for a different salesperson in the future if I got teamed up with another “bad” one. BTW. There was a glass wall to the office area and I could see a white board with the monthly sales goal and the number of units each salesman had sold during the month. The guy I got walking in had a half of a sale all month and the guy on the Email was the top guy. It was late in the month and I used that knowledge in my email follow up with the number one guy. It all worked out well.

Bob Denman 04-30-2019 11:11 PM

"Half of a sale"?
What did he do: sell some sleeping bags, and a tent? :whistling:

Judge 05-01-2019 12:44 AM

Based on everything I have read.... and experienced.... I would say 80% of the Class A and Class C rigs are dangerous to drive from the factory whether they are a toy hauler or not. I have a Class C Outlaw 29H toy hauler. It was a handful and it had nothing to do with the garage.

The issue is that Ford or Chevy make a basic cutaway chassis and they have no clue what it will be used for when a company like Thor buys it. They have basic tires, shocks, springs, sway bars, etc. and they could be used as a cargo van, a shuttle bus or an RV. The chassis manufacturer also doesn't know the length and weight being added to the chassis either.

The RV manufacturers want to build them fast and cheap and they do not upgrade the suspensions to handle the weight and length they put on the chassis.

After 2700 miles I could not take the rig wandering, being pushed when passed by traffic like tractor trailers and big vehicles, blown around by wind gusts and just too much work to drive.

I installed heavy duty front and rear sway bars, front and rear SumoSprings and a Roadmaster Steering Stabilizer. It went from being a white knuckle experience to a pleasure to drive. It is now closer to a big SUV.

Next I am going to put tires on it with a load range of over 3000lbs because the tires on many of these rigs are not designed to carry a heavy load at all times. I will also get it aligned with the recommended + Caster.

It is unfortunate but a lot of us have to put a lot of money into the suspension to get the rigs where they should have been when they rolled off the assembly line.

Pete'sMH 05-01-2019 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by Bob Denman (Post 179971)
"Half of a sale"?

What did he do: sell some sleeping bags, and a tent? :whistling:

Sadly, I’ll bet he got another half of a sale on my deal because he was “involved”.

The Gritz Carlton 05-01-2019 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by Bob Denman (Post 179971)
"Half of a sale"?
What did he do: sell some sleeping bags, and a tent? :whistling:

They call it a "split". If you help another salesgoober's customer when that salesgoober isn't around, both salesgoobers split the commission.

Kevinb1977 05-04-2019 02:13 AM

We have outlaw 37rb and drove from Maine to sturgis with two motorcycles in back and never had a problem

Bob Denman 05-04-2019 01:39 PM

My 2018 29-H always drove nicely also...

ccubed 05-13-2019 03:36 AM

Dangerous outlaw
I own a 2016 outlaw that has carried my Harley Davison and pulled my ranger for over 30k miles in the last year. We are full time rovers and have had extremely good luck with the unit. Does it move in the wind, yes but it is 13’ 3” tall. I have installed the stump springs front and rear, done the sway bar upgrade. I believe there are other reasons that they don’t want to sell you one. Have run into three other owners on the road, one has a astronomy photograph studio in the back, another had a mobile dog grooming business and no on thought that they were going to die in it. If it works for you, good luck and travel on

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