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Long & Winding road 07-04-2019 02:49 PM

Top 10 Vans and Class B's
I didnt want to leave anyone out. Im sure someone will find these intresting.

Chance 07-04-2019 05:38 PM

Shows there must be a very different mindset for Class A and Class B buyers. Their wants, or expectations of a motorhome, are like night and day. :eek:

The video is a little dated in that some of these models are not presently available, but one clip summarizes it well by stating that Class B buyers want greater freedom, and don’t want to be limited by the RV to the same degree. The Class A video shows amenities on par with a house, but its greater size limits exploration, spontaneity, etc.

The tiny Tofino makes me want to build my own “steel tent on wheels”. We wouldn’t need much, including the pop top second bed area, so could keep it under 8-ft high, making it garageable, go anywhere, park anywhere, fuel efficient, etc.

I’m sure it sounds insane to most on this forum, but if I had to choose between a 17-ft and a 35-ft motorhome as a gift that I had to keep (couldn’t resale), I’d go with the small van. The idea of being tied down by a huge motorhome would take all the fun out of traveling for us; except for traveling with family, which I can rent a large rig as needed for those few occasions.

Long & Winding road 07-05-2019 04:51 PM

Yep your right.... The B buyers want something to go anywhere (and not tow a car). The A buyers want something big for a large family (most of the time) but might need to tow a car.

I really like the 27 - 32 foot size class A RV's. But would need to tow or rent a car on some trips.

17 foot is way to small for my needs... but to each his own... thats why we have so many sizes / shapes of motorhomes.

I just cringe when I see the list prices of the B and B + at $129- $150,000 range. That sounds crazy when so many Class A are $89 - 120,000 range. But many of the B's are MB diesel chassis (which I love) VS Ford Gas engine F53 chassis.

I can see when I retire getting a 32 foot class A for long trips (tow my Jeep) and a B or B + for day trips and weekenders. That would be sweet. Best of both worlds but twice the price.

We love taking our Axis out just of the day (Mtn bike trails then picnic at our local lake or City Parks etc). So B or B+ would be perfect for those days.

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