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Paulie G 07-30-2019 11:05 PM

Palazzo 33.1
Hi we have been looking at a 2013 Palazzo 33.1 on the internet. Looks like a very interesting unit with a great floor plan and yet not too big. So here are our questions:

What is the opening size of the double door basement pass though? We think we could get our bicycles in there if we can get past the opening.

Is there any maintenance issues we should be concerned about? Also is there a maintenance schedule available? What is the average yearly maintenance cost?

What is the fuel economy of this unit? I know it depends on driving habits, terrain, and conditions.

What do you like/dislike of the 33.1? Would you buy one again?

Thanks ahead of time.

TurnerFam 07-31-2019 12:22 AM

my 33.3 has had a 100,000 mile average mpg of:

11.4 if towing our Focus

annual maintenance is different than gas units since servicing is much less often, or many more miles, such as 15,000 stated for engine oil changes... and Speedco and other 'truck service centers' can do your servicing, even for the Onan Generator, 'while you wait' in your coach... no reservations needed.

our 'floor plan' includes the rear mounted master bed, and I'd have it no other way - I love it. Also these units are built on the XCS chassis, a lower sitting chassis than many other diesel pusher coaches, requiring on a single entry step outside.
As for the storage, no coach makes it easy to try to 'fit' bikes into, which is why most carry them on the back. We've carried four bikes, and the tow car - no problems.

One advantage to the Palazzo, at least for most, if not all, of the floorplans, is that you have access to all of the coach during travel, with the only exception of a few drawers/cabinets in the bedroom. The fridge and bathroom are all very usable with the slides in.

enjoy : )

The Gritz Carlton 07-31-2019 01:35 AM

2013 was a disaster with the full wall slide. The motors and existing track system failed horribly. This resulted in the new 3 Trak Sustem for the huge slides. Make sure the unit you are looking at is not the old system.

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