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Rocky49 08-13-2019 03:03 AM

Obsole Thor Graphics Soure(s)
I have a 2014 Thor Freedom Elite 23U. It was sideswiped by a bus while parked and I need new right side graphics. Thor says their stock only goes back 3 model years, So the oldest graphics available to me are 2016s. I had to go to a Thor dealer to see what they looked like. Online on Thor's dealer access only website, the 2016 Freedom Elite 23H's pattern is nothing like my 2014?

On this forum I did a search on graphics and read all the posts and follow ups. One party mentioned an Indiana surplus store. I am in NW Canada and a long way from Elkhart. Anyone got any suggestions on where to pick up older Graphics. A couple of custom graphics shop in my town say the Thor graphics cannot be easily duplicated because of the base materials they use and fading of shades they use. We spent a couple of hours with the vinyl samples available. They used at least 5 different colors on my RV. Thor plus graphics gets me nothing on ebay but the Norse mythology and cartoon character.

The replacement of the graphics is an insurance claim. Basically they will repaint the right side of the RV and apply new graphics.

Help please Rocky

Beau388 08-13-2019 04:17 AM

Any shop than does car wraps can reproduce the graphics. They will take a picture of the good side load, it into the computer and print out the graphics on any grade of vinyl you desire. <>

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