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Scintor 05-05-2016 02:29 PM

Hi All,

My wife and I recently traded in our 28ft travel trailer for a 2014 Thor Palazzo 33.2. While the Palazzo is certainly a step up in luxury and prestige, it is also a good deal more complex than our Keystone Cougar. It's going to take a while to wrap my head around all of the motor coach's systems. We've only had it long enough to make one extended weekend trip in it, and that was with our two grandsons who enjoyed the trip immensely. No huge issues on that trip, but a LOT of questions. You'll probably see posts from me in the future looking for advice and guidance. So now, let's hit the road!

JamieGeek 05-05-2016 02:32 PM

Congratulations, and welcome.

Lastly: Enjoy your coach and fire away with the questions...

KNMIB 05-05-2016 03:29 PM

You are at the right place, the people on this sight have a lot of information and experience. Be safe and enjoy your adventures.

saddlesore 05-05-2016 05:11 PM

Welcome aboard
Yes that is quite the step up from a trailer...
You will really like the added water capacities and not having to tote gas for a gennie!

Patrick 05-23-2016 07:55 PM

Hey Scintor. Patrick from Northern California here. I own a 2016 Thor Palazzo 33.2. This is the perfect site for your questions. All of mine are answered. Welcome!

Jegdrum5050 05-23-2016 08:06 PM

Welcome from Florida, The learning curve is fast, just take your time and Happy trails.

bandorr2000 05-23-2016 09:40 PM

Welcome to the PALAZZO family. Don't hesitate to ask, enjoy.

Bobm1964 05-23-2016 10:02 PM

Just remember:
Air out...
Level... Then extend slides till you dont hear the motors anymore.
Always always always!!!
Its a great coach we love ours

Barrhavencobra 05-23-2016 10:58 PM

Welcome from Ontario, Canada , congratulations on your new coach, make sure to visit north of the 49th.


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