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Old 02-07-2020, 05:08 PM   #1
Brand: Thor Motor Coach
State: Alberta
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THOR #7302
Buying From Gander RV ???

I am looking at buying a new 2019 or 2020 Thor from Gander RV. I live in Canada and had a number of motorhomes in the past mostly Rialtas, a Sunstar, and most recently a used 2014 Thor Freedom Elite 23H. All were bought used and privately. I have dealt with Camping World only superficially as I live 1000 miles from the nearest one. When you buy from Camping World and the advertised price is say 65 Grand, how much more do you actually pay to get it out door in dealer's fees and charges?//

They are advertising new 2019s at $1 grand less than a 2020? Are they willing to deal on stale stock with 2018 front ends or are they a no deal, dealer network? I have no trade, don't need financing, and won't sign a maintenance contract because they won't honor them in Canada where I live. So the only money they will make from me is whatever they ding me on the sale! I am aware of Camping World's and Thor's less than stellar reputation, but the price point is right and stuff can be fixed here. I like the Chevy front end, and most of the Thors for sale locally are Ford...

Any comments about positive experiences with Gander RV in Kenosha Wi?

Rocky in Northern Alberta

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Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: Palazzo 33.3 34'bunkhouse
State: Alabama
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no matter 'what' dealer you buy from, ask them for their out-the-door cash price, and hold them to it - it really doesn't matter about all the other 'costs' they may include, if you are comparing it to any other dealer you might also get a price from - the price you write the check for is the final word.

You will always have costs that are outside the bounds and control of the dealer, such as sales tax for your country/county/province, tag fees, etc., but that is the same no matter where you buy it.

Gander RV is just another rv dealer, no different - they sell RVs. If you don't like the price, walk. If you do, get the bottom dollar check-writing price and hand them the check.

the Turners
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Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: A.C.E. 27.2
State: Indiana
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What he said!
Living in Alberta donít think you will hauling it back for warranty work. If it needs warranty who in your area is going to do it? Something to consider in the final price analysis.
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Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: Wind Sport
State: North Carolina
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THOR #14340
Hi Rocky49. The rules are simple. It's the salespersons job to get the most money he can and it's your job to pay the least you have to. I'm a maniac when it comes to buying a new car, motor home, house, etc.

I'd offer something low and let them counter. Ask a few more times and when he won't come down any more, start calling other places and ask them to beat the price.

Repeat as necessary.

You'll find out the bottom price soon enough.
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Old 02-08-2020, 02:14 PM   #5
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Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: Freedom Elite 24HE
State: Michigan
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THOR #17874
I just bought a used 2018 class C from a Gander RV that was several hours away and this was the basic outline of the transaction:

Listed online at $xx,995 "sale" price.
Call and offer price minus a few K not including tax/title/license (for me these are fixed, well known costs so I account for those mentally). My offer was pretty reasonable, I knew what I wanted and how much it was worth to me.
The salesman counters with literally the listed sale price by taking some made up MSRP (not a thing on used units) and subtracting a "discount".
I point out this fact and he starts going down the "what monthly payment do you want" baloney.
I stop him there and reiterate my offer. He says it should be possible but has to talk to his "manager" and call back.
30 minutes later they call back and accept IF I use their financing, otherwise it's $1500 more. I'll let them try and if they can beat my preapproved rate (which I was happy with as-is) then I'll go with them.
They end up beating the rate by about a quarter point so that worked out for both of us. I'll pay a little less interest and they'll get their ~1% kickback from their financing company for originating the loan.
A $295 doc fee gets tacked on which I have removed as my offer included any of their dealer fees.
Call back a day before the trip there and the doc fee came back, have it removed again.

The in-person experience after inspecting the unit was identical to any car dealer sales experience I've been through:
A lot of pencil whipping documents.
A warranty offer with several tiers priced by "only" adding a few dollars to my monthly payment.
More pencil whipping
A second chance offer at the warranty which magically became half as expensive.

I think by the time I got there they had already accepted that I wasn't going to put up with the typical sales techniques. It was very "let's get this over with" and I was on the road home relatively quickly, most of which was spent on inspection since I was basically buying the unit based on a few pictures online. The service tech that I worked with on the inspection was very helpful and I didn't feel rushed in there at all. I had time to make sure everything worked and he pointed out all the "new" systems and how they worked since I was coming from a travel trailer.

Buying new there will probably be other "mandatory" fees like destination and dealer prep/PDI they try to tack on after the fact. Kenosha isn't all that far from Indiana where the coaches are manufactured so their cost to get it on their lot should be lower than a dealer further away.

I would still approach my negotiation the same way, my offer to the dealer is inclusive of any and all of their add-on fees. They can charge a dollar for the RV and $99,999 in prep or itemize stuff all they want, I'm only paying two entities: 1) the dealer for an RV, and 2) the government for sales tax/title/license. The government fees are fixed and well known so that leaves the dealer's cut as negotiable. I think car and RV salesmen could easily lose their slimeball reputation by recognizing this fact instead of trying to nickel and dime throughout the process.

You will have an uphill battle on price by being a cash customer to them so don't give in to their shenanigans about cash vs financed price. They will definitely try to tack their fees on top of the listed sale price or your offer so be mindful of that misdirection.
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Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: 2016 Vegas 25.2
State: Florida
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THOR #1589
Carefully check the reputation of any dealer you are considering, especially C Wld and G Mtn. There have been some satisfied customers and a whole bunch of frustrated ones. They are notorious for selling more units than they can service.

Try to find out who will do warranty service on your new coach regardless of where you bought it. I bought mine about a thousand miles from home, and found warranty service on the road and near home. I saved a bunch of $$$ on delivery buying closer to the factory and got a much better trade. (Your results may vary.)
Bad decisions make great stories!
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Old 02-13-2020, 10:53 AM   #7
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Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: Hurricane 34J
State: Florida
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THOR #15745
Gander RV is owned by Camping World. Camping world purchased them lock stock and barrel. Yes they do discount on units in their inventory just purchased a 2019 Thor Hurricane 34J from Gander RV of Bartow Florida. Got a great deal. Were very up front on fees and add on’s.
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I Think We're Lost!
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Brand: Still Looking
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If you approach purchasing an RV with the same caution that you would use when buying a used car (or approaching a rattlesnake! ): you'll never go wrong...
Good luck, and happy hunting!
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Old 02-14-2020, 02:36 AM   #9
Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: Axis 27.7
State: Ontario
Posts: 58
THOR #16132
Buying U.S. vs Canada

I also live in Canada and looked at purchasing in the NY area. If I was to travel there to purchase without any previous look see, plus the paperwork at the border, then the unit has to be "Canada" certified, not to mention the 35%ish exchange, there was little difference than purchasing in Canada, which I did. Also the dealer is 2 hours away and when you get it it's in Canadian dollars, certified and done. Wasn't worth my while otherwise. But that's just my 2cents worth.
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Brand: Thor Motor Coach
Model: 2018 24.1 AXISSIXxSIX
State: Arizona
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THOR #13932
We bought a couch today.
This purchase put away about a years worth of consternation and shopping.
We walked in, ordered it to be built, looked at the hides.
He told us how much.
we asked:
'out the door?'
He said:
'no, delivered to your door'
We transferred funds to him.
No haggle.
We might have saved $1,000.
Satisfaction prevailed where greed or entitlement failed.

Make yourself happy with the purchase.
We can't tell you happy, and it seems no one knows of the dealer you asked about.
Below is a link to most of my modifications either accomplished or pending.

Click on my pictures then click the pop-up for a full screen zoomable picture.
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Brand: Still Looking
State: Missouri
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THOR #13744
We downsized/upgraded from a 2006 30' Winnebago to a 2011 25' Sprinter based Itasca a few weeks ago at Reliable RV in Springfield, MO (large independently owner dealership). My wife really liked the smaller footprint and the full body paint, I liked the quality, Mercedes chassis and mostly the diesel engine.

We were just looking around when we were approached by a sales person (I met him last year and he spent an hour with me explaining all kinds of stuff to me knowing I wasn't buying anything at the time). Anyway, they made me an offer for my trade, wrote down everything and we went home and thought about it. I made one fair counter offer which was accepted. They matched the finance rate I would get from USAA so I went through them and I also bought a 5/75 warranty, no deductible which covers everything except emission systems for $3200.00.

I probably could have haggled some more but I felt we had a fair deal so I am happy. The whole transaction was smooth, polite and no pressure.

I am with ducksface…..live and let live and I don't have to pinch every last penny.

Caveat to my story: Three weeks after buying I discovered a tiny water leak at the skylight (not warrantied) and the macerator pump wasn't working. They removed all the sealer for the skylight and the vent next to it and resealed and ordered a new pump which was replaced today, all at no cost to me.

I know dealers always get bashed, I am trying to treat sales people the way I want to be treated, I highly doubt that they are very rich and I like to be able to go back, shoot the breeze and have their coffee and donuts while they work on our RV.

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