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Harvest Host?????

Anybody a member of Harvest Host?

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Quite a few members here are also members of Harvest Hosts (myself included although I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet).

Search is your friend here:

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Originally Posted by JamieGeek View Post
Quite a few members here are also members of Harvest Hosts (myself included although I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet).

Search is your friend here:
Same here.
Too nice of an idea to not have invested the money, but so far unused.
I'd suggest some YouTube research if op has reservations(ha!)
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these first two replies tell you a a lot...

what I mean is that the idea is good, in generally, but may not really be practical for many... here's some reasons - members, feel free to correct me:

a- these are private owner's land and property, and not always designed for 'full hookup', or sometimes 'any' hookups, if that's what you might desire. Some may, but probably most don't, with sewer always being the wild card, but sometimes even the electrical is only a 15amp household plug, if any.

b- the idea of staying somewhere someone is willing to 'host you' may be appealing, if you are into the social aspect, which I can assume is part of the deal. Most 'hosts' would probably not be doing this if they didn't want to have interactions with their customers - that may be fine for many, or a little much for others.

c- these properties are not always, if ever, on the 'beaten path', as you would expect for a campground or rv park - and may have some negotiating to find and drive to, as well as basic grass/dirt to park on. They may lend a good feeling to some, and may not be so supportive of others. Depending on the weather, or the previous rainfall, the ground or yard may be suspect for large rigs. These are not typically managed sites, or sometimes anything other than someone's yard.

d- a drawback is that you don't 'know' where these 'host properties' are UNTIL you sign up and pay. You may find that none, or very few, are along your travel lanes. You may then even find that the ones that do show are not necessarily always available when you want them, may have someone else already there, or may not let you stay more than a single night.

d- I do like that it would be more of a 'private' recreational stop, and maybe presents some 'new' views and opportunities, but it's also a relative unknown until you actually show up.

If you have the money to throw at it, maybe it can be an option every-now-and-then, otherwise it seems an overnight in a parking lot, or a membership with Passport America, with 50% off at all of their parks and campgrounds, might be a better 'investment'.
the Turners
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Turner is correct in all his aspects.
The 'wet field' thing is very real/often, even in campgrounds, and certainly in places like harvest host that might not be set up, and the reason I added 4wd to the 24.1. I got lucky in that as a side affect it turned me into basically an f550 and all the'blowing around'on the road problems disappeared, but it was fear of fields, berms, and soft shoulders and event overflow parking, that was the only reason.

We just haven't had time to harvest host yet.
USUALLY when we travel we actually, physically, flip a coin when we come to a crossroads.
Our travel hasn't been usual this first year in the rv. It's been places to be on tighter than liked timelines, and after purchasing the harvest host, a lull.

We're really really, like a gambled $119 of so far wasted membership worth of really, looking forward to using it. We're not excited often, but we're a little excited to try it.
We don't golf, don't drink wine or craft beer, am far too picky about our hard liquor, but we'll buy a bottle wherever we stay. They'll be Christmas and birthday, and 'why the hell not' presents.

We bought the dream of a picturesque place to ourselves after hours , no other reason. We'll often settle for a parking lot in a wierd neighborhood, at a place that makes bad wine is the actual truth we expect. I think one nice stay will pay for the year in value and new acquaintance.

There is no joy in a paved KOA. No reason to be there except convenience. We'll easily adapt to 'a bit off the road most travelled' and have (we expect and pray and hope) a better experience than some damn stop in some damn campground that is 50% LONG time residents. Ten miles out of the way has seemed a pretty nice alternative sometimes.

As Turner said, it's off the path and certainly not a definite plan... A hobby maybe....
Harvest host would be a nice, and fulfilling hobby. A roulette wheel spin during a casual rv spin...we'll hobby it. It'll give us something to do on the road. We're pretty jaded traveller's, this will unjade us and open new doors.

Boondockers welcome? This worries me a bit about underlying reasons for someone offering a site. I sure don't want to be captive to cult talk, or politics or barking dogs(insert your own nightmare stay in someone's personal front yard). We'll still sign up. I'm a Wildman that way.

About our 'flip a coin' path of travel.
We once went over (in our little expeditionary vehicle) a part of the Oregon trail a motorized vehicle hadn't been in fifty years according to the local that let us over it(damn GPS maps. It's why I always have at least two different ones going).

The only time we did circles was between page and Kayenta AZ. Three circles on reservation dirt roads and we gave up and moved 300 miles and started over.
We've been on the north side of Yellowstone too many times. Coins love that far gate

(so many words because I'm so unsure and anticipatory. I sure want this to be like the YouTube videos and have no reason to do anything but support the fine minded family that purchased harvest host from the thoughtful family that founded it.
I consider my so far unused membership a donation to a fine effort.)

YouTube has many, hundreds maybe, videos of regular rv folk at regular harvest host spots.
What was said about not knowing where they are until you sign up:
It was an awakening once we signed up. I think there's only one north of Phoenix all the way to Salt Lake where I think there's another before you get to Canadia. They seem to add more than fifty a month of spots so I might be way off, but there are vast swaths, of none.
Some are as dense as many per 10x10 miles or so.
Don't expect one in every burg.
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We are members

Turner is correct. It's not for everyone. But ......
If you don't mind driving off the beaten path and dry camp, some of their locations are just spectacular. We've camped on farms. Had the whole place to ourselves. We've had great conversations with the owners and people who work in these places.
We would not camp in their sites every night. And we do pick and choose places that interest us. But it's paid for itself and we will continue using it.
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I Think We're Lost!
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I guess if you like adventures: this may be a way to get your fill of them!
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We paid $64.00 plus $20.00 more for the golf package so $84.00. We are leaving today for a month long trip from Colorado to Blue Ridge Parkway via New Orelans. We already have reservations for a night at a winery right on our route. I figure that alone will cover half the membership cost and I am sure we will use it at least one more time on this trip which will cover the full cost. We are excited for the adventure of it.
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There are opinions derived from assumptions and there are reviews derived from actual experience. We've used HH 5 times and every one of the stays have been excellent. These are sustainable farms, vineyards and other family run businesses that welcome you with open arms and appreciate your business. While they are not miles and miles down mud roads, they are a bit off the beaten path...this is what's so beautiful about many of them. Grapes don't grow in rest areas or Walmart parking lots...they grow in the rolling hills of mountains. These businesses volunteer for this program, let you stay on their properties complimentary in hopes you will patronize their business and services. We've parked on mostly gravel or asphalt lots. Looking out my dinette window at 7AM, watching my wife pic grapes with her cup of coffee in her pajamas as the two labs romped freely through the vines was a beautiful picture. To compare this with the option of a Walmart parking lot simply means you view HH as nothing but another "free" place to park overnight. They hope people like this don't show up. My opinion...well worth the few bucks and a nice change from the "beaten path".
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We HH and love it. Have had nothing but good times. Stayed at 5 vinyards and all have been fabulous.

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