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Wiring Dish 26B

How to wire dish receiver so that both Bedroom and Living room TVS will work! 2019 Four Winds 26-B. Would still like to use antenia for local TV!

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Don't know if you mean both BR and LR tvs watching the same receiver at the same time, or whether you have two receivers and want a 'single' Antenna to be able to provide a different signal to both...

do you have a Portable Antenna? Does it have two outputs?

do you have more than one Dish receiver?

If you are new to satellite TV, you will find that you typically must have a receiver for BOTH of the TVs you want to watch, if you expect to see different channels from different satellites on both at the same time. That's the 'normal' route, anyway.
Now, if your portable Antenna has TWO outputs, then you can conceivably drive two different receivers with the same Antenna, but the second receiver will be a 'shadow' of the primary, or main, receiver. What this means is that the second receiver will only be able to see channels that arise from the same Satellite that the main receiver was initially tuned to when the secondary receiver acquired the signal. Essentially, if you have the main receiver watching HGTV on channel 112, in HD, the secondary receiver will be able to watch that same channel, or ANY of the channels that arise from that same satellite, generally satellite #129, in HD. This is how we normally set it up if we are doing this, as satellite 129 gives us the most options, especially since most are in HD, for both receivers.
If you change the main receiver to a channel that happens to be on another satellite, like satellite 110 or 119, the secondary receiver will then immediately go to it's 'blue screen' with the error message. If the main receiver is changed back to it's satellite 129, in this case, then the secondary receiver will also go back to watching the channel it was on.

The reason for this is simple: unlike most 'home' style Antennas you see in yards and mounted on the sides of houses, which have 2 or 3 'eyes', which can see multiple satellites at the same time, any PORTABLE antenna only has ONE, and can only tune into a single satellite at any given time. If you are watching channel 112 in HD, then you are tuned into satellite 129(western arc location). If you change to channel 106, you may be tuned into satellite 110. You'll also hear your antenna physically 'move' to that point in the sky.
When you want to drive two receivers from the same portable antenna, you can only be tuned into 'one' satellite at the time. If the secondary receiver was acquired to 129, and that's the satellite the Main receiver is also tuned to, everything is hunky dory. If the main receiver moves to a different satellite, though, the secondary receiver 'loses' it's signal since it is still 'looking' for satellite 129.

Some RVrs will overcome this lack of 'multi tv' support by simply having TWO portable satellite Antennas.
Some RVrs will overcome this by having a much more expensive and permanently mounted 'articulating' 3-LNB(eyes) antenna on the roof, with can drive multiple receivers.
Some RVrs will use a 'regular' open-faced household type antenna that they set up outside and 'point' toward the satellites, since these are not 'automatic' like the others, but can provide different channels to 3, or sometimes more, receivers, all at the same time, and for different channels on each.

Some of us RVrs use a combination of a Portable on the roof, and also carry a 'manual' antenna for times we are parked for long-term or extensive visits, like us.

Secondly, if you are interested in another route: Some receivers, like my Dish VIP211k, have a 'TV OUT' coax output, which would allow you to 'mirror' your receiver's output to another TV(s)... this is mainly if you only have a single receiver, but don't want to invest in another, or your portable Antenna only has a single output.
If you run a coax cable 'out' from the receiver, and into the back of another TV, you can then set the TV to see the same image. You'd have to change channels at the receiver, but if it's for a football game or movie, you probably wouldn't be changing the channel much anyway.
You could also run this 'TV output' from the receiver to your 'box of many buttons' where it might can then supply the channel view to any TV in your RV, just like using 'cable tv' from a campground, but only with a single channel, such as channel 3.

Some of us also make use of an A/B switch, which is nothing more than a simple small 'box' connector that allows a satellite signal to be 'switched' between two different sources, or receivers. You can then switch back and forth between watching tv in the living room during the day, and watching it in the bedroom at night, even if you have a portable antenna with two outputs but don't want the 'limitations' of the secondary output.

When you travel a lot, are parked a lot, and are in a lot of different scenarios, you can get quite creative as to how to provide satellite TV to your RV. When you get used to it, you'll then find campground cable a no starter, since you are already carrying your own, and you'll probably also rarely use your 'ota' Antenna, since local channels won't mean as much, especially since you can contact Dish to change your local channels to see them just like any other channels on your satellite.

Don't expect your RV to come 'automatically' designed to handle this, as most don't, even if they say 'satellite ready', or they have a 'satellite' output on the entertainment box...

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