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Originally Posted by javelin View Post
I see pictures did not make it.......trying again
Thank you; that makes it very clear. It also makes it clear why the strange 1/2' stock being used as a border as support for the pantry.

OK, now a final question: does anyone have a pantry that locks into position? I am guessing that a drawer type of latching part is also used for the pantry but if that is the case, mine is broken and will not accept the latching hook mounted to the sliding pantry.

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THOR #10354
Latches installed but drain pipe is in the way

The drain pipe for the Vegas 25.2 runs behind the pantry and is about 1/2" to far forward such that the latches cannot engage. They are two latches there, open to accept their mating latch pieces, but the pantry would have to be jammed against the drain pipe that is fairly secure in order to latch properly. I will have to either move the mating set of latches forward of their normal position to have the latches close before hitting the drain pipe or move the drain pipe.

Thanks for the help.

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THOR #7634

So this weekend I decided to finally tackle removing the tall slide-out pantry for my wiring project. I blocked up the end of the pantry when it was completely extended. I had obtained a little wrench that fits a square drive bit to remove the 6 screws holding the slides to the pantry drawer. There is about 2 inches of clearance between the sides, so no chance of using a screwdriver.Click image for larger version

Name:	Pantry1.jpg
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ID:	9860

So now released the upper slide and was able to finally remove the drawer and set it aside. Here is what I found. The bottom slides mounted to a block on the floor of the pantry cavity. (Along with the usual Thor construction debris left behind).Click image for larger version

Name:	Pantry2.jpg
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ID:	9861

Another pic of the cavity.
Click image for larger version

Name:	Pantry3.jpg
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ID:	9862

For my lighting project I needed to find a ground wire, so I removed the panel under the refrigerator and pantry looking for a ground wire to connect to. So I find the damn secret there on the bottom side of the pantry cavity. Three screws holding down the bottom slide mounting block. Arghh....

Click image for larger version

Name:	Pantry4.jpg
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ID:	9863

After all this sturm and drang, the solution was as easy as removing 3 easily accessed screws and the pantry drawer would have slide right out.

I laid the pantry down on its side and now easily re-attached it it to the bottom slides. With the bottom slides and block now attached the entire unit slides right back into the cavity.

I hope this helps the next person who runs into this issue. Of course every Thor model probably is different. But this works for the Windsport 27K.
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Name:	Pantry5.jpg
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ID:	9864  
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so those three screws are all that holds that slide/rail?

wow, thank you for posting that!!!

I've looked at that a few different times but never caught that it was back screwed from underneath!

I've definitely filed that away for future reference!
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Nice job. Wouldn’t it be nice if all mods and repairs could be documented as you have this one. You have probably saved someone many hours of work.
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A few more photos 2015 Vegas 25.2

First of all, thanks to all who gave a window into this unreasonably mysterious repair.

I'd like to offer a few more photos for those of you that have the smaller of the pantry slides.
First I removed the "floor of the bottom shelf. It was stapled. I used a crochet needle next to the 2 staples on the side I could see (the back). I jammed the crochet needle in the gap between the bottom panel and the wall, rotated, then pulled. With the 2 side staples removed I rotated the floor panel up. (Photo 1)
With it out of the way, you can see the 4 screws bolting the pantry to the floor mounted slide box.

Next I lifted the pantry off the slide box. Photo 2, 3. Notice the plastic latches bolted to the back of the pantry.
Looking inside the hole that the pantry came from (photo 4), you can see the slide rails that the box runs on, and the plastic latches that the pantry is intended to latch into. One of my latches was closed (preventing the pantry from closing.) I opened it.

I reassembled the pantry to the slide box. It again would latch!!!

As noted in order to latch it is a close fit (IE shove the bottom of the pantry to close). You can see the black drain pipe that was mentioned. If this did not latch, I was going to put a spacer behind the pantry's latches to make them extend a bit more. But this was adequate.
I felt no need to restaple the floor of the bottom shelf. Gravity is adequate.
Also I am glad I didn't try to lift the pantry off the slide box (when I didn't know how it was all attached.)
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Name:	pantry 2.jpg
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ID:	11108   Click image for larger version

Name:	pantry 1.JPG
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Click image for larger version

Name:	pantry 3.JPG
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ID:	11110   Click image for larger version

Name:	pantry 4.JPG
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Pantry Removal

I removed the under fridge access panel. It has no handles, but it is there. This is for a '14 A.C.E. 27.1. Look under the pantry. You will see a couple screws holding the board that the bottom slide catch is mounted to. Take those out. Release the top slide catch. Lift the bottom of the pantry and the whole thing comes out. The bottom rails WILL slide back out so be careful.
Now, here's the fun part. The rails are made by Accuride. Great quality, but are non-disconnect. In other words they don't come apart. Now with the pantry upside down in the coolness of your living room, there is a flat board that is stapled to the piece of wood the rails are mounted to. Mark where this board mounted, and gently pry it off. Now you can access your latch that totally sucks. You know the one that lets it fly open and break the cabinet across from it.

The QC supervisor for Thor should be slapped with a garden hose. Yep, Eric the Red. The more I see how this thing is built, the more P.O.'d I get!

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