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davidgebo 01-22-2015 11:49 PM

vegas owners
Hi, all. We have owned our Vegas for a year. We have 3200 miles on the odo, 950 of which are trips back and forth from Daytona Beach to St. Augustine for warranty work. We just dropped it of for the 6th, no, 7th time for work. Nothing major, just REALLY poor quality control at the manufacturers level. We have traveled and camped in the coach several times, and do really like most everything about the ease of driving, and handling, and the neat touches they built in to the coach for every day use and comfort. As soon as the current problems are fixed, we will be happy to continue our travels.

JamieGeek 01-23-2015 12:59 AM

A belated congrats. We've also owned our Axis for just about a year now although I think our odo is somewhere north of 5k miles (2600 of that was driving from MI to southern FL and back over Christmas). We've been lucky with only a few minor items requiring fixing (its only been back to the dealer twice).

davidgebo 01-23-2015 03:38 AM

We do like the Vegas, and will more, when it is finally repaired. I have made a few mods to the coach, such as adding piano hinges to the under twin-bed compartment covers. I also discovered, when checking under the curb-side twin bed for plumbing leaks, a large area at the water tank that can be used for additional storage. I took the large panel cover, cut it in half, and added a piano hinge to half of it, and made the other half stationary, so it is now accessible storage. Making this area accessible also allows easier access to the low-point drains for the water tank. I added straps to the 3 tables, which are stored behind the couch. The straps make it much easier to pull the heavy tables up from the storage bay. I am also trying to buy from Thor, smaller matching tables, that will be easier to set up than the big, double pedestal table in front of the couch. The Vegas/Axis coach is much simpler, and hopefully less expensive to own and operate than the larger high-end coach we had previously. It handles much better, due to a lower center-of-gravity, gets better gas mileage, and pulls our towed car quite well. We will get better quality mattresses, tho, the original ones aren't too bad. The new models of Vegas/Axis have different configurations, but we like our coach pretty well.

JamieGeek 01-23-2015 12:44 PM

The straps are a good idea! I'll have to add those to our two tables.

Did you add a loop connecting with a single screw, a "handle strap" with two screws, or a hard handle?

(A "handle" like this: Mojo Handles ยป Ampeg Old Style Raised Black Leather Handle (Incl. Mounting Hardware) )

Or even a simple handle like this one?

davidgebo 01-23-2015 09:17 PM

No need to buy anything pricey. I just used small sections of nylon straps from cheap ratchet-type cargo straps. They are really cheap, made in China, but the straps are strong. There is always plenty of extra strap on each ratchet. Just cut about 6-8 inch piece, and double up the very end, an inch or so for strength, use a SHORT sheet metal screw, drill pilot hole first. Go right thru the doubled-up strap end, after using an awl to make a hole in the material, first. Use a washer under the screw head. Be VERY careful not to drill through the table top, or the wife will be pissed. Use a depth gauge, to be sure. You may see some small dimples on the table top after you screw in the screws. Use 2 straps for the big table, and one on the small table is sufficient. There is no way you can get a good enough grip on the slippery table tops to pull them up and out of the storage bay, unless you are Hercules. I am going to buy 2 table tops, using, instead, the flip-up counter extension, which is perfect size for a place setting, and forgo using the big double-pedestal table. I will simply re-purpose the pedestal mounts under the big table, and screw them to each smaller table. These will be easier to put up, take down, and store in the storage bay. Also, they are small enough to be left up all the time that the slide-out is deployed. Just don't forget to take the tables down before pulling in the slide-out for travel. I hope this helps. These are some things that make use of the Vegas/Axis more practical, and enjoyable. I will submit pix, as soon as I can.

FW28z 01-24-2015 12:55 AM

One of the first projects I did on my coach was to add a carry handle strap to the table. In my Class C, one of the storage bin covers in the "basement" is actually a table. But it is all but impossible to grab onto the table to remove it, which is really annoying.

So I made a strap from webbing and attached it to the table.

Now all we have to do is remember to keep the strap handle above the table when replacing it in the storage compartment.

We have an industrial sewing machine that we bought when we owned a boat (we did all of our own canvas work), so it was quite easy to just sew a couple of loops in the strap ends, then disassemble the table to install the strap on the table's frame.

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