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Miramar Owner 02-03-2018 02:38 PM

Slides need to be pretty level even front to rear as well. The little electric motors will be put under undo stress if tilted too much. I can't get completely level in my driveway without some added lift. I have put out my bedroom slide and could hear the motors working hard due to the tilt. They still did the job but I don't want them to wear out prematurely. So if I need to open up the inside I use boards under my jacks for extra lift and chock the front wheels...I'm lifting the rear off the ground just for better access while loading.

Druff 02-07-2018 01:26 PM

We have a full wall slide that I wouldn't dream of deploying if the coach isn't leveled first. If you twist that thing wrong one time I'm guessing it will be nothing but problems then. I have camco leveling pads with metal handles on them, I put a few blocks of wood on each one before I slide them under the coach. I usually try to stack enough on them to be within an inch or two of the foot. Although mine are only about 4-5 inches off the road anyway. I find that the MH has much less rocking if there isn't so much of the hydraulic ram coming out.

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