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Whirnot 03-14-2018 01:48 AM

As per my Tire shops recommendation I rotate Mine every 5K miles Using Jamies left diagram. At 5k miles there is no issue of different size, and rotating them keeps it that way. (that's the whole point.)
As far as age, I keep it inside when not in use so it gets less sun than a normal car or truck. I change them when tire wear dictates it.

ducnut 03-14-2018 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Willard164 (Post 111560)
Some will argue that mixing front tires with rear tires "may" result in the rear tires being a different mounted diameter, due to a different wear pattern as a steer tire. A dual tire axle want tires of EQUAL mounted diameter, or one tire takes more of the load. Crowned roads always raised havoc with DRW vehicles, Thus JamieGeek's right-hand diagram seems to make more sense. Keep the rears wearing the same... cross front L-to-R, and replace in sets of two or four... unless they rot from age/UV destruction beforehand.

Youíre not going to have much discrepancy in tire diameter, rotating them on a set schedule. Thatís the whole point of rotating them around; keep consistent wear, without an abnormal pattern forming in the tread.

On an E-Series chassis, itís absolutely critical to rotate, given the constant camber and toe changes of the TTB frontend. Only swapping them side-to-side, guarantees a chewed up set of front tires.

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