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carlgorski 05-01-2018 06:52 AM

Camera switching module
Went and got some gas for the beast today and discovered my side view cameras weren’t working. Removed Dog House to get to camera switcher and I found the problem. The 6 pin mole connector had loose wires. Some moron just stuck the wires in the back and never crimped them. They vibrated loose of course. This is the 3rd loose or no crimp I have discovered. Thor GR22. Lazy asshats that cut corners at the factory.

Bnbl 05-01-2018 02:41 PM

I feel your pain. One morning had a full wall slide that would not move. When pushing the slide control switch there was no response. Went thru all the normal trouble shooting with no response. Then noticed the over cab bunk slide was also dead. Suspecting a fuse not on the DC panel. Went under the bed to the wiring rats nest. One of the harnesses had a connector socket with a relay plugged into it just dangling in the air. When moved the relay would click. The short story is a pin in the socket was not seated. When pushed in both slides worked again. I was fortunate, only lost a few hours of drive time that day.
Side note: Happend on a weekend so Thor support was closed. Called roadside assistance. I had already done everything the Tech suggested. They wanted to send a mobile rv repairman to get the slide pushed in. I declined and said I wanted to search for a possible fuse first. Obviously Thor workmanship was the cause.

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