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Zeagle63 05-16-2018 06:23 PM

Common “Newbie” Questions: Common Answer
1. Q: No power/nothing working A: Use/Store switch in store mode
2. Q: Batteries dead after being parked A: Use/Store switch in use mode
3. Q: Motorhome built on F53 chassis sways when big trucks pass A: Check alignment, use tighter sway bar hole “CHF or Cheap handling fix”
4. Q: Generator running, but no power A: Check Breaker on generator
5. Q: Slideout not working A: Engine off, reset/over ride controller
6. Q: Water pressure is too low A: clogged screens inside faucets/water hose
7. Q: Poor craftsmanship, left over loose screws and wood shavings A: It’s generally best to fix small stuff on your own.
8. Q: Refrigerator not cooling A: RV refrigerators can take 24 hrs to cool, light stove to bleed gas line if using propane.
9. Q: What should I do before every trip A: Check tire pressures/walk around inspection of RV.
10. Q: Were do I find campgrounds A: Allstays RV and campgrounds App,, Compendium, RV Parky App

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