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Doc McCoy 05-17-2018 08:59 PM

water heater
Since we are new to this a question. Is the water heater on our Thor Freedom Elite 22FE strictly propane or does it also run off of power? When you are set up at a camping spot do you leave your water heater on all the time or just turn it on shortly before you need to use it. Thanks in advance for any help.
Doc McCoy USN HMCS (SARC) Ret.

awalk57 05-17-2018 09:15 PM

Water Heater Modes of Operation
Although I am not sure about the 22FE model. In most cases they are dual powered running either on propane or electric. If you check the Control panel and it has two switches one marked electric and one gas grouped together then you have dual mode operation. In my case when hooking up to a campground electric service I switch on electric only. When taking showers I then switch on the gas to improve recovery time as both will be heating the water. Even running all the time on gas will not use a lot of propane if you aren't using a lot of hot water.
Hope that helps.

Pete'sMH 05-17-2018 11:43 PM

I think yours will be propane only. One of the cost saving “features” of the Freedom Elite line I believe. But no worries, it does not use much propane and heats its water very quickly. I leave mine on while camping but turn it off when travel.

captmetal 05-18-2018 12:07 AM

the propane water will heat water quickly, i leave mine off until i need it 10-15 min warm up till needed is fine, but during freezing weather leave it on all the time you don't want it to freeze.

Doc McCoy 05-18-2018 12:22 AM

thanks guys that does help a great dea

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