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jabrabu 06-27-2018 04:48 PM

Dinette bench side trim repair
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In my Chateau 31E, the side trim piece on my rear dinette bench came off. It is attached using screws that are screwed into the particle board, which is a poor design, especially since people tend to sit on the edge of the bench.

When the screws ripped out and mine came off the first time, I reattached it using bigger screws, additional screws, and glue, but it came off again. So I decided to use bolts that go all the way through. It isn't the prettiest solution, but it's strong. I used bronze hex-head bolts so it doesn't look too bad.

For the upper aft bolt, I cut off the end of the bolt flush with the nut so it wouldn't dig into the seat cushion.

Bob Denman 06-27-2018 05:33 PM

You did a real nice-looking repair job! :thumb:

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