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The_Breeze 07-03-2018 07:13 PM

Wet Cell to Lithium - Straight Swap.
If this question's been asked before, I apologize. I could not find it (specifically).

I'd like to do a straight swap on the house bats: wet cell to lithium (two house bats). The Progressive Dynamics web site 'suggests' the existing alternator, converter/charger, house generator and BMS will charge the batteries, it may just take longer because of the lower output from devices designed to charge wet cells.

Question "My Present RV has a 45-Amp Converter/Charger. Can I Install a Larger 60-Amp or 80-Amp Unit to Further Reduce My Recharge Time?"
Answer: "No, your RV wiring system is designed to safely handle 45-Amps increasing it to a 60 or 80-Amp charger could cause a thermal event! When updating to a Lithium Battery System, stick with the same size Converter/Charger as presently installed in your RV! Again with the faster charge rate that Lithium Batteries can accept even a 45-Amp Lithium Charger can recharge a 100-AH Battery, (100-AH divided by a 45-Amp charge rate) that would equal about 2.2 hours plus the extra time required at the end of the charge due to a lower charge rate, would equal an estimated recharge time of approximately 3 Hrs" (re: Progressive Dynamics,

Does anyone have any experience with this they're willing to share?

Thanks, Ed.

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