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gauthig 07-05-2018 03:03 AM

Challenger Mods
One of the best threads in the forums is Jerry's Hurricane Mods. I used to have a hurricane and followed a few posts as there was great advice.

Now that I have a Challenger and Jerry's thread is over 100 pages, I thought I would start a new thread. But like Jerry's thread, this is not just for the stated model. Also, anything else I posted like CHF or Summo Springs I will not duplicate here.
First Mod - Heater.

I have the 37KT which has a room in the front section with doors. It has an electric fireplace and two beds, the couch and drop down bed. The problem is that the heater uses the temp sensor in the front room and not the bedroom. So if someone is up there with the doors closed and electric fireplace on, it can toasty and over 70 degrees while the bedroom is only 52. Yes real case scenario. Even if no one is in the front the temp can range 10 to 20 degrees different from front to rear when you turn on the heater.

I feel this is a design flaw and the temp for the heater should be in the bedroom where you sleep. I called Firefly Integrations to see if they could switch it and they stated no due to the tie in to the A/C and the two temp sensors. So I figured out how to do a switch cheaply.

***Warning - Warranty May be Void if you follow this***

My coach has the Firefly Integrations VegaTouch 7 inch color panel. So what I decided to do is switch the temp sensor inputs to it. You do this by switching the Rear and Front inputs in the control panel at the foot of the bed. Mine is the G7A and the full schematics is on the cover. What you need is a terminal remover tool or just cut and splice (not recommended). Change the two wires for the front and rear sensors by using the terminal puller and switching which connector leads they go to. Now the heater, which is under will use the rear temp sensor.

When my son is in the front and he uses the electric fireplace, we use the heater at a comfortable temp and it all works great. When no one is in the front, whatever we set the temp is what we sleep in. The front ends up being a few degrees colder, but nobody's there.

BUT... One more change on the G7A control panel. Since the temp sensors were switched, the A/C units use the wrong temp sensor, i.e. the front A/C is controlled by the rear temp sensor. So back to the panel and switch the three A/C cables for the front and rear.

Now, everything works as long as you realize that the temp on the color panel that shows front is really the rear. Same thing for A/C control.

gauthig 07-05-2018 03:08 AM

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Here is my touch panel, just have to remember that Front is the Rear.!AusIvymxSsVCkLsbOR70agHb0B0keA

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