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DocMike 07-23-2018 12:38 AM

Outdoor Kitchen for Vegas 24.1 (kind of)
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The DW and I are now past 3 years with our 2016 Vegas 24.1 (Maiden Voyage was 30May15) that we call "Ms. Enterprise" and we are enjoying the time.

There are a few things we would like to change such as a larger shower, a walk around bed and an Outdoor Kitchen.

Some wants are not possible (walk around bed), some can be reworked (on a diet to get down to 175lbs that way the shower will feel bigger) and others just need to be looked at from a different point of view. Sorry for the pun, but I can not get the picture to rotate. Outdoor Kitchen (kind of).jpg

This 3 in 1 unit has a foot print of 19"W X 10"D X 10"H and handled (the first morning) coffee (pot is missing as it was in use but it fits on the left side), bagels, eggs and bacon all outside under the awning plugged into the 120V line outside. The second morning ham was substituted and it did well. There is no real thermostat it just heats up to a maximum then cuts back on the power so you have to keep an eye on the bagels. Next road trip I will try biscuits and a 7" pizza (instructions say it can be done).

Granted, not a full-blown Outside Kitchen BUT for just $59 and no drilling on the RV it moves my cooking outside and makes the DW happy as she can sleep in while I handle breakfast.


JamieGeek 07-23-2018 01:00 AM

Cool, we've seen those at the store. Stores easy and takes care of multiple functions.

We usually drag out the toaster, and the single burner induction cooktop (other things are done on the BBQ).

DocMike 07-23-2018 01:29 AM


It easily fits in the overhead storage in the bedroom.

Four scoops of coffee grinds and it will do a pot then fill up just for a half pot in no time. Funny, it says 4 cups but the pot is marked at 3 cups??

So far so good.


Chance 07-23-2018 02:46 AM

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Letís see if this works.

Cason61 07-23-2018 02:54 AM


Originally Posted by Chance (Post 133360)
Letís see if this works.

I used a Different model. The coffee maker only made two small cups (not nearly enough) and the toaster kept burning the bread all the time. Fortunately we added some Kahlua and that was OK.

DocMike 07-23-2018 11:25 AM


Thanks for the assist. How did you rotate it?

Cason, there is a smaller version but we got the BSET300RETRO-RED. You are correct the only setting is ON for the toaster. I found (on the second morning) if the function switch is set for Grill the toaster oven has only the upper heating element on and it toasts only the top of the bagel...and it goes slower.


Calman 07-23-2018 12:00 PM

:thumb:Very good Doc. USCG friend of mine has had one the smaller version on his small outboard boat for years and swears by it. Makes a mean cup of coffee and egg sandwich with it.

And like you, likes being able to stow it in a cubbyhole.

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