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RichS 07-27-2018 01:46 PM

Class C steering Issues
After going through a lot of threads this subject seems to trend to Class As. What has others done with their Class Cs. I have a 28 foot with a Ford E450. When I am not towing my car it's not to bad. When I tow the front end seems pretty light and moves around a bit. Pretty understandable. I don't feel safe going over 60 when towing.

I would like to hear from some Class C owners.


The Gritz Carlton 07-27-2018 02:14 PM

Haven't towed with mine but my thoughts...

-If you're flat towing, there's no weight taken off front axle. If you're towing a trailer with tongue weight, this could have a minor effect but I don't see it being a problem.

-If flat towing, the "longer than normal" overhang of coach rear (behind axle) can add to sway with the turbulence of the tow vehicle reacting to the winds, which you would feel up front. Does it seem worse as the crosswinds increase or is it a constant feeling?

JamJanTan 07-27-2018 02:21 PM

I have a 29FE and I feel blessed that I can say from the beginning it has handled fairly well. No white knuckles much lane shift or roll. Slight disturbance when very large very fast moving semis pass but nothing really difficult. Not much moving around in wind or other conditions. All in all very happy compared to many stories I have heard. That being said I will be adding a steering stabilizer and better anti sway bars before the next camping season. I tow a 4400 pound Jeep JKU and it really has no effect except on gas mileage. I feel very lucky, I was passed by another class c on the road and the front end was just bouncing along. I think the speed one drives also matters. I try not to get much faster than 65 most of the time but have hit lower 70s at times. Often I am running 63 on the 70 MPH interstate. I think it handles better as well as saves gas. Just my 2 cents.

nosticks 07-27-2018 02:58 PM

Just completed a 1100 mile trip towing my JK Wrangler. It performed very well. The Jeep even helps to keep the rear end steady. Tire pressure adjustments help considerably. I do have a Safe-T-Plus but no other mods. Gas mileage, well we won't discuss that. I do keep it under 70, typically 65 in the slow lane. I use the Blue Ox tow bar and base plate with a Ready Brake. If I didn't have the camera on, I would forget the Jeep is back there.

RichS 07-27-2018 03:43 PM

I flat tow a Jeep Cherokee. It could be if the Jeep sways a little bit. Crosswind uneven roads could make the Jeep sway and the front end move. I definitely don't feel it when I am not towing except when a semi passes me. I wonder if I beef up the back end. Better sway bar and shocks. Not sure if that would help. Just guessing.

I use Blue Ox base plate and tow bar also

Mattie1 07-31-2018 02:37 AM

Class C steering Issues
We put safety T plus sway bar on, bilstein comforter shocks and front end alignment. Rides like a caddy and no sway

blw2 07-31-2018 03:00 AM

I'd imagine towing a trailer with any sort of significant tongue weight would have a huge effect. Yours is only a few feet shorter than mine....and mine has a long overhang for sure!

The rear axle on these things are heavy.... mine is at the limit while the steer axle is under. Put on a few hundred pounds of tongue weight and it'll lighten the steer axle even more while loading the drive axle more too.

I've not towed with mine yet either, but I'll say that after I had the alignment done and after I set the tire pressures based on load I saw a noticeable I never went forward with any of the common mods or after market things. I think getting the tire pressure's right was key.

For my rig and what I do experience, I think the solution that most directly points to the issue is a panhard rod. I'd guess that something being towed....the tail wagging the dog.... would just add to that issue...and that is a direct result of the leaf spring suspension.
here's a decent little write up on the various solutions...and this is describes well why I don't think the steering devices, such as the safe-t-steer are the most direct fix (for mine anyway). No doubt they help, and I'd like to have one, but their primary intent is for something else.

I think another big consideration regarding handling, and I'm not thinking this is an issue here really for the OP, but for others....and that is driver expectation and attitude. My wife doesn't want to drive the thing...she's intimidated by the size of it...and that sets the stage for bucking her expectation that it's supposed to drive like her Buick. I just think it helps to remember that you are driving what amounts to be an overloaded medium duty truck.

The Gritz Carlton 07-31-2018 11:47 AM

Are you saying "rscheibel" needs an attitude adjustment?

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