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dianizon 07-28-2018 09:19 PM

Fuel fill hose replaced on 2017 Chateau
We have enjoyed our Thor since Feb 2014, but the repairs are getting ridiculous.
In Nov we parked it in storage in FL and went to start in Dec, and run generator as we do monthly. It wouldn't start. December we had it towed and was told the fuel pump needed replaced. After that was done and we were leaving in April north in it we again couldn't get it started after bringing it out of storage and it was in our drive. Again called Good Sam to get someone to help, and they took 2 hours of diagnostics to find a relay needed replaced. They took one out of the A/C and put it in the starter and it worked. We found a relay the next day after "calling/searching" 4 different parts and dealerships.

Started it up last week to take for oil change, all was fine during our monthly checks, an see an idiot lite on dash says "Reduced engine power" WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN? Took to dealer for oil change and they said they would replace the relay again. (relay's we were told DON'T need replacing for life of most vehicles). Anyway, brought it home, refueled, backed in drive and I tell hubby, I smell gas. Look underneath, drip, drip, drip where the fuel fill hose is.

Took back to Chevy dealer, they said the fill hose is ate up. 438.00 later it's fixed. Asked them to save the part for us. GUESS WHAT? Thor or Chevy put in a MARINE GRADE fuel fill hose that doesn't stand up to ethanol/alcohol gas.

Anyone ever heard of such a thing? Not sure if I should complain to Chevy or Thor.

dianizon 09-15-2018 03:49 PM

Fuel fill hose update
Thor has responded to me problems in 2017-18 with our Class C Chateau bought new in 2014, that it's out of warranty. Well that doesn't resolve the fuel fill hose was ORIGINAL equipment along with the fuel pump we needed to replace.


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