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jfrankiejones 04-05-2015 07:20 PM

2015 Windsport 32N Shower Drain Leak
Hello folks, i have suddenly developed a leak that appears to be coming from our shower.......i have water running from under the shower stall into the bathroom area when we run the shower.

i have ruled out a water line leak due to pressure being on the lines for most of the day and didn't have water on the floor till I turned on the shower.

Now my million dollar question is, how do I access the drain area below the shower stall. I have looked at it from the bathroom, the hallway, the bedroom area and from the outside. I can't find any access, amazing to me that they would make something that could break and you can't get to it!

Any help or suggestions on this "latest issue" with my new Thor product would be greatly appreciated before I have to surrender and take it back to Camping World.......


RMS31W 04-06-2015 02:35 AM

I had a water leak at the mixer valve. The controls for hot/ cold water mount to a hard plastic plate that was bowed and didn't fit flush to shower wall so it allowed water to run behind it and down inside of wall. Dealer just siliconed it.

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