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MapBoy 04-09-2015 02:16 PM

New Member - 2013 Thor Palazzo
Greetings! I own a 2013 Thor Palazzo bought new from Camping World of Albuquerque. So far our trips have been short, including to Priest Gulch near Dolores, CO. We're planning a big loop of the west this summer, going from our base in Durango, CO to Yosemite, Seattle, Glacier, and Yellowstone towing our 2007 Honda CRV. This is our first motor coach and we're basically happy with it.

Tytlfamily 04-09-2015 02:19 PM

:thumb::thumb:Congrats and welcome!!! Hurricane 34E owner from Texas.

Nursx2 04-10-2015 02:09 AM

Welcome MAPBOY! Any major issues yet!?

MapBoy 04-10-2015 01:37 PM

Well, we had a problem twice with the awning over the living room slideout. The front end pulled away from the coach driving in high crosswind coming from the left side. Once the whole awning tore loose and was flapping about on the roof! The other time we recognized the symptom (odd noise above and behind the driver's head) and pulled over. We now tie that awning down with nylon straps when driving. Not sure how much that helps.

We also had trouble with fuel pumps at service stations cutting off prematurely. In some cases we couldn't even get a gallon in! The Palazzo has fill ports on both sides, both going to the same tank. There are longish horizontal runs before the fill tubes go down to the tank. A workaround is to raise one side of the coach using the levelling jacks. Looks weird, but works. Thor fixed both problems under warranty.

Beacher 04-10-2015 05:29 PM


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