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Air_Force_dude 10-07-2018 08:13 AM

AK to NJ trip happening
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Day 6 in the books of 45ish days in the books. So far drove from Fairbanks, AK down the Yukon, then into B.C. Tomorrow well pull into Vancouver. Afterward, driving down the west coast to so. cal., then to FL, eventually to my new base in NJ. We survived the cold in the Yukon thankfully. Ill update everyone as we continue our journey!

Air_Force_dude 10-08-2018 04:45 AM

Make it to Vancouver, B.C. Staying at Capilano RV Park. We’re crammed in here like Sardines but we chose this for the prime location. 10-09-2018 12:11 AM

So glad to see other fe owners.

Air_Force_dude 10-09-2018 04:39 AM

Definitely! Need to fix a few small quirks. Does yours seem to be assembled half ass too?

Rocky49 10-09-2018 06:09 AM

Welcome to Canada Air Force dude

Originally Posted by Air_Force_dude (Post 148603)
Definitely! Need to fix a few small quirks. Does yours seem to be assembled half ass too?

Dear Air Force Dude,

I have a Freedom Elite 23H. I am not sure about half assed assembly, I don't think Thor knew any other way!. You are now in civilization, parts should be readily available. These rigs require some mechanical aptitude to operate and to keep on the road. Either that or you need deep pockets and lots of patience while your rig rots at a repair centre for months. I deliberately bought a used rig because I knew warranty repairs suck and way too many rigs are sold where I live for dealers to service them. Good luck on your long road trip.

Rocky ex RCAF

2014 Thor Freedom Elite 23H

Air_Force_dude 10-20-2018 10:54 PM

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Been in San Diego for a few days now and staying at Fiddlers Cove in Silver Strand. If anyone has a military ID this is the spot in SD!

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