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stustoner 10-14-2018 09:40 AM

Four Winds 24F Bedroom TV Mounting
To those of you that have mounted a TV in the 24F bedroom, does any one have a drawing/sketch of the stud locations, in the bedroom (insert joke here), that can be used to mount a TV to? Other suggestions on mounting the TV are welcome also.

stustoner 10-14-2018 07:18 PM

All, I have found that there is a stud running vertically down the center of the bedroom TV wall recess. After you drill thru this you have about 3 1/2" of clearance to the outside wall of the shower. I mounted the 32" TV to this stud with 2 toggle bolts. Hope this helps others.

Carolshutts 10-16-2018 07:19 PM

If you contact Thor customer service they will email you the plans for your rig. You can get stud placement wiring diagrams electrical diagrams. We used these when we installed our bedroom tv

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