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four winds 31y slide out
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I purchase a 2018 31y and notice daylight under the kitchen sink when the slide is extended . I am concerned about critters entering the RV and doing damage.

My dealer said thatís the way it works and said if they covered it the plumbing lines would get snagged when retracting the slide. When I sent pictures to Thor they said they didnít really see what the problem was..

The are two rubber flaps that donít cover well anyone have a fix for this

The pictures are looking from inside under cabinet and on on the outside under the slide.

Anyone else see this as a problem or have a solution. I have a couple of ideas but am seeking input from the experts . This my first motorhome and we are loving it

JamieGeek 11-25-2018 12:27 PM

Given that is on the bottom of the slide and it will only be out when you're camping I don't think you'll get any critters in there (unless you full time and the slide is out a lot). The larger issue with this, to me, is what that does for heating or cooling. You'll have to address that if you want to do any winter camping.

Before I would do anything to cover it, etc. I would watch what all the plumbing and wiring does as the slide moves in and out. Then design your solution to account for that.

blw2 11-25-2018 01:12 PM

I think all of them are like that...well at least these type.

I red flagged it on my PDI, and I think the dealer addressed it fairly well just as an effort to shut me up. Only did it on one of my slides though. Later I noticed it on the other slide too, and when I asked my local dealer (not the selling dealership) to fix it, after researching they refused pointing out that this is the way they come from the factory. I used to have it on my list of things to do, but never came accross a material to use and so it has fallen of the list....just hasn't been a known problem in our use.

Anyway, I can't find a picture and the thing is in storage, so....
basically what they did was take short pieces of the wiper seal used on the top and verticals ...that stuff that's maybe 3-4 inches wide...and screw a wiper flap the frame covering these two points under the slide. Not complete and perfect, but not bad in my thinking.... maybe you could run with that idea and improve on it.

M&J thor/harley 01-21-2019 01:08 PM

I noticed this when we purchased it and the dealer added the rubber protector pieces.

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