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RVMichael 11-26-2018 02:04 PM

Christmas RV Decorations
This is the first year of my ownership of an RV during Christmas. I will be on the road to see the grandkids and wondering how to decorate the RV. I especially want to thrill the grandkids by decorating the RV.

Parked and not moved -- I was reading online to go over the top all the way to gaudy and beyond.

Traveling down the road -- Hang lighted Christmas trees and other items in the window. A wreath attached to front. I would really like to put antlers with on the side of the RV and a deer head on the front and deer tail on the back, but not sure how to mount so that it stays on and then comes off when I want, without a ton of work and/or modifications to RV

What are others doing to their RV? Pictures would be great. This could be fun. :)

Bob Denman 11-27-2018 10:55 PM

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:lol: I've got some ideas for you... :rofl:

Mr Sunshine 11-28-2018 12:28 AM

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If you want to see RVs decorated for Christmas, the place to be is the mouse's Ft Wilderness.

There are some ideas on the General RV blog:

I liked the tree they showed, made with half Solo cups on a wall. You could do the same with the mini cups.

K0LCB 11-28-2018 12:45 PM

Christmas decorations are nice, but I donít think Iíd want them hanging in the windshield if I have to drive. JMHO.

The Gritz Carlton 11-28-2018 03:35 PM

You may get pulled over and ticketed for "impersonating Clark 'Sparky' Griswold".

Bob Denman 11-28-2018 04:23 PM

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Calman 11-28-2018 07:21 PM

I don't know about hanging Christmas decorations on the outside while going down the highway. Too many bad things can happen - blows off, hits another vehicle, then????

Maybe something you can set up and take down would be safer. Another thing you might look into is the reuseable plastic Christmas decorations for windows. I have a couple different ones that I have used for years - just peel off the storage sheet and put on the windows. End of Christmas I reverse the process.

Now that you have me thinking decorating RV going to try them on the Vegas but only use them on the rear window when underway (keep them from being blown off). Can always put others on the sides once at the campsite.

Thanks for the idea! And Merry Christmas.

Bob Denman 11-28-2018 07:48 PM

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