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mswiencki 06-10-2015 06:44 PM

ACE 29.3 Fridge "blinking" when Driving
Hello all.
The fridge is on auto, and when stopped works properly on gas. Soon after beginning driving, the light will begin blinking, indicating a problem with the gas.

I hope this is not by design.

Any assistance is appreciated.

FW28z 06-10-2015 07:57 PM

An amber blinking light (on the Norcold fridges) typically means the gas is not available. The fridge is typically vented to the outside, so the gas is probably not staying lit due to air pressure blowing out the flame as you are driving down the road.

Many people do not run their fridge on gas as they drive down the road, but rather run the genny.

We have found that after pre-cooling, we can drive about 4 hours before the temp in the fridge raises into the danger zone, so for shorter trips, we just turn the fridge off. A fridge thermometer is nice here as you can get an idea how long you can leave the fridge off.

Of course, a remote monitoring thermometer is good here so you don't have to open the fridge door to check the temp.

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