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72mach 03-30-2013 02:40 AM

Infinity AC unit
I'm trying to find out what the AC model is for the 13.5 btu unit typically installed in the 'kitchen' or center area on the Infinity models (3750). Also would like to know the interior trim piece as its ducted and the pics online that I've found do not match what is in the trailers that I have seen. Most pics from the online venders are the small square trim piece while the units in the other units is a full trim piece that is much wider and longer. Its Dometic (or should be) and should work with the 'comfort control center 2 thermostat' The trailer is prewired for the power and has a small plug I'm guessing is for the thermostat hookup.

I have contacted Dutchmen directly via email and phone and all they have done is refer me to the local Camping World as they are supposed to have some mystical power to pull up that information but as of today no answers.

The trailer has a 15k unit installed in the back but I don't have the exact model name of that unit either as the documentation was missing.

Thanks for any help.

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