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Cabinetmkr 05-18-2019 06:49 PM

What you don’t see... Danby Designer fridge
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Had too warm of temp , so every search said it had a mechanical thermostat. I could find any literature saying where so Just decided to remove it, clean all around it too.
Removal was pretty interesting. I could see the front “t” bracket under the leg.. I assumed there was a “raise up, slip off type mount in back. After multiple attempts, it finally came off. What I found was comical and about as unprofessional design I could have imagined.
A “L” bracket with a sheet metal screw into the back of the fridge.
To remove it, requires ripping the screw out the back ...
My first thought was how to put screw back .. then I realized this bracket was installed BEFORE .. the bed was built. All the panels surrounding this was permanent... so there was no way to install after.

I moved the foot bracket over a little, now I have room to install a couple of shelves to hold foil and wrap on left side of fridge.

It’s apparent , this is a case of “ let someone else deal with it

Btw ... the thermostat is top back right, set to low( hence my 48deg temp) and not accessible. Attachment 17462

Beau388 05-18-2019 07:01 PM

On the 29M floor plans there is a removable panel in the bedroom that allows access to the rear thermostat. The Thor salesman's trainer show it to all that attended the 2018 Spring Thor rally. That was in a 2017 Hurricane so things may have changed

Cabinetmkr 05-18-2019 08:07 PM

This is a 32n .. the fresh water tank is on other side of that panel ...
overall extremely happy with my Thor , just run into quirky things, that should never be.

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