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Mulcwj 05-27-2019 05:23 PM

Coach battery won't charge
I have a 07 four winds 31p and the step does not retract when I have a 115volt shore power or when on the coach battery. However when I engage the coach battery the blower Fan under the refrigerator runs constantly. I'm not sure why and even what it used for but I can't figure out how to shut it off. Any help would be appreciated
Thanks. Bill

javelin 05-28-2019 06:12 PM

Welcome to the forum Bill and I’ll start by advising that I don’t know your coach specifics at all but maybe I can help a little. If your coach is like most, the steps are powered from the chassis battery not the coach battery. So do the steps retract at all? Normally they will retract when you start your that what you are trying to verify?
Regarding the fridge fan......I assume you have a propane/120vac fridge in your class C which typically don’t come with is this an after market fan placed “into” the fridge for improved efficiency? You said “under the fridge” I am wondering if this is your converter fan that is coming on when you are on shore power or when the use/store is on......the converter output then charges the batteries and that can also cause the fan to start running to keep the converter cool also.

TurnerFam 05-28-2019 06:14 PM

does your term 'Coach' batteries refer to the Vehicle/Chassis battery(s), or to the
RV/HOUSE batteries?

Mulcwj 06-01-2019 01:00 PM

Running Fan
Thanks for the reply. I figured out the fan. I took the panel off and it was coming from the blower motor to the furnace. There was a an off on toggle switch to disable it. The coach battery only putting out 9 volts not enough to operate step. It may be junk. QUESTION about the 12 volt lights. Could they be wired in series? Because the 3 in front work and the 3 in back do not. I pull the 15 amp fuse and the fronts go out. So I know my fuse is good and I have new bulbs and I ohm out the others so that's not the problem.

javelin 06-02-2019 12:49 AM

Sounds to me like you have a few things going on all at the same time so lets do one at a time and see what happens.......noting that I am not familiar with your coach specifics.

1. You said the coach battery is only at 9 volts.......12 volts is fully discharged (12.6 full charged for 12v wet cells) so you may have to replace if they have been damaged permanently. When you plug into shore power and turn on your coach battery disconnect, do you see normal charging voltage of 13.1 to over 14vdc across the coach batteries......just checking if the converter is working and if it connects to the coach batteries at least. If the batteries have a shorted cell you may not get normal charging voltages.
2. “Maybe” older coaches had the steps operate off coach batteries.......but newer coaches have steps powered from chassis batteries. If your coach batteries are potentially damaged then perhaps your chassis battery is also not fully charged or potentially damaged?
3. When you turned on the coach battery disconnect you said the furnace blower fan came on under the fridge. Normally the furnace blower fan won’t come on until the thermostat calls for heat. Turning off the power to the furnace (if that is the toggle switch you mentioned) is one way to do that......until you forget you did it the next time you want the furnace to work.
4. The 12vdc coach lights should be wired in parallel.....I highly doubt they are in series. If you have coach DC lights in a general area that are not coming on and you know the bulbs are good check your DC fuse panel again for blown fuses. You could also check the light switch associated with the lights for 12vdc and if the switch is good as well.

Working on an older coach can be a big challenge; it’s sometimes bad enough with new coaches. Good luck.

Pete'sMH 06-02-2019 02:43 AM

The steps on my 2016 Fleetwood operate on the house battery and you can’t reach the store/use switch from the ground. If I were relying on that switch I’d have to retract the steps from inside, switch to the store position and then jump down. And climb in without the steps to reverse! Fortunately I never use that switch and can connect or disconnect from outside using an aftermarket switch. It’d be much better to simply have the steps on the chassis battery!

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