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556mike 06-16-2019 11:14 PM

Citation 24c: water pump stopped working, Enroute!
Doesn’t seem to have its own fuse in coach system; Other switches on panel work; no wires loose around pump; pump is Shurflo 408-102/a65;
Any suggestions??

javelin 06-17-2019 01:12 PM

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Hi, I don’t know your coach specifics, but typically there is a 15 amp DC fuse on the 12vdc converter panel to feed the water pump circuit. If not, it may be an in line fuse......but finding that could be “fun”. A call to Thor support may be required if you can’t locate it yourself. Also, to clarify, does the water pump make any noise at all when power is on and tap is opened, but you are just not getting water when you open a tap?
The other comment is that usually the water pump on/off switch has a red LED power lamp that comes on when the pump switch is you have this kind of indicator and does the LED lamp light up?
Usually there is a relay (“sometimes” mounted under the bed or near the converter somewhere), which operates (closes its contacts) when the water pump power switch is turned on. This relay actually feeds the 12vdc to the water pump motor. So it is possible you have a bad switch; bad relay/contacts; bad connector/connection somewhere along the circuit; blown fuse; bad pump motor. If you have a voltmeter you could try to isolate where the 12vdc is failing along the water pump circuit path.....but of course you need to identify the wiring route etc. I would first find the fuse and determine if its good and then go from there.

Attaching a generic water pump troubleshooting summary which may help you or other readers with any water pump issues

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