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Bum 06-18-2019 10:31 PM

2019 Chateau 22B Hot Hot water
I'm still breaking this unit in with a few short trips under my belt and so far so good except for the shower leak that I fixed after our first run. On our last trip of 3 nights I found that the hot water is extremely hot and after looking at it can't find a way to change the setting. Is this to be expected or is there a way to lower it? All other equipment, appliances, etc. work fine. I'm getting ready for a 3 week trip, haven't been in rain yet so hoping there are no leaks but fully expect at least one.

javelin 06-19-2019 01:18 AM

I am not familiar with your coach or its specific components. If we are talking about a tank model (not instant) usually the hot water heater thermostat is a factory temp specific unit. You can change them to get a different temp.......but just use less hot and turn up the cold to mix for comfort. If you are cheap like me and you cant stand the too hot you can play with the winterization bypass valve to allow a little cold water to sneak by the hot water tank new thermostat required.

Seeing as you have a new coach it is probably an instant hot water tank so I would check the manual for your unit and see if they spec a recommended method of reducing water temperature. They probably use a high limit thermostat as well though.

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