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momof3 07-08-2019 03:20 AM

Battery not charging
Had our Thor Ace plugged in all night at home. Noticed battery was reading dead so took it to an auto place and it tested a bit low put ok. Just landed at our 2 night camp spot. Engine running did not charge battery, checked all fuses, breakers. When we shut off generator we loose all power inside. Stove will light up but fridge will not. Any suggestions?

Mo_Mike 07-08-2019 03:44 AM

You mentioned checking breakers and fuses...

Did you check your USE/STORE switch and the FLAG BREAKER in the battery box?

Just a couple of ideas that would cause the issues you are having .

javelin 07-08-2019 01:55 PM

You did not mention what year your ACE was since the type of battery control circuits used can help determine where the problem might be. Best thing is to buy yourself a cheap digital Volt/Ohm Meter (probably can get one for under $25) and when on shore or generator power actually measure the voltage across both your coach and chassis batteries after a couple minutes. Ensure your use/store is on (or coach battery switch is on) when charging. If you measure about 13vdc or higher then the converter is charging the batteries OK.....(so could be a battery issue)...if you see only battery voltage (12.6vdc is full charge for wet cell lightly or not loaded batteries) or less then something is wrong with the charging circuits typically. Prime failure points for this trouble are the use/store switch latching relay fails open; or there is a 50 amp resettable breaker that trips open between the converter and use/store latching relay. Sometimes that resettable breaker is under the bed near the converter......or if you have an older ACE it can be inside the BCC box in the engine bay driver side (great care opening the BCC).

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