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JohnK 07-14-2019 01:54 AM

2017 Aria mirrors come loose
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I do not know if all Aria models have the issue I discovered or if this has been discussed before. We left June 1st for a long trip to the North West, met up with my son at an RV campground near Mt Rushmore. I mentioned that I did not like the mirror shake I had noticed, being a two person job we tackled the mirror removal. My son noticed from under the “hood” area that I was missing a screw, or that is what it appeared to be.

It turned out that the mirror base is held in place by 4 wood screws run into the fiberglass nose, YIKES!!! On the passenger side one had worked out completely, two others were half out and the fourth was barely tight. The driver side all were loose and there were stress cracks around the screw holes.

I have no idea what nit wit thought this was a good way to attach mirrors that are basically on a cantilever.

Being where we were I was limited on finding a hardware store, got lucky and there was an Ace nearby. Got 5/16-32 x 2” stainless bolts, fenders washers, regular washers, lock washers and nuts. I had to drill out the holes in the fiberglass nose to accommodate the bolts (I would have used 1/4-28 bolts but the store did not have 8, so I went with the larger size and the hex locked in nicely to the slots where the screws were).

If anyone is going to tackle this issue my guidance is you plan to have an assistant through the whole process. Disconnect the video cable first, this is accessible with the hood for the generator access open. The other connectors will be accessible when the mirror is taken loose from the base, the arm is held in place by a single bolt accessible under the mounting base. Once loosened one person will have to hold the mirror and arm assembly while the other person disconnects the two wiring connections. Now the beauty cover can be removed and factory screws can be removed.

I have some pics I could not figure out how to paste into this post, if anyone wants to me to send them my pics just message me.

jtyphoid 07-14-2019 03:06 AM

There is at least one other thread on this issue and one of ours (2018 Aria) worked loose, too, so you're not alone.

I just tightened mine up with the factory hardware but will go the route you did if mine loosens up again.

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