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Char26 09-03-2019 05:28 AM

Have 2004 Four Winds mh. Purchasing tailgater by Dish. Want permanent connection for outside to inside. Does the mh already have connection or do I need to install connections? If it has them, where might they be. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

TurnerFam 09-03-2019 12:35 PM

unless your coach came as 'satellite ready', then no, you'll need to run your own coax cables from the Antenna, if mounted on the roof, down into the coach on your own.

There are several places you can do this, and since every coach's design is different you may find something that works best for you is different than others.

Plumbing vents are sometimes used to fish down cables into the coach.
Some might even use the existing OTA Antenna's wiring as a way to enter the coach.

The rest of us probably use either a slide seal, or even a cable hatch in one of the lower bays.

I have three receivers in my coach. The main one is the bedroom, and I have a tailgater2 on a temporary mount near the rear of the coach, right above the bedroom. I run a coax cable from the antenna, wrapped around the air conditioner cowling, and over and down into the top seal of the bedroom slide, near where the receiver sits.
The other receivers are more for use when we are parked for more than several days, and I use a cable hatch entry within the wet bay, and into the coach to the living room, and use a cable hatch entry within the main bay to the outside TV.

There's no 'perfect' way to run these cables, it will be different for almost everyone, but most will admit that you can't simply connect your antenna to the cable entry connection provided by the factory since it is not designed for satellite powered signals.

Char26 09-03-2019 02:49 PM

Thank you for your input. It will help me decide the route to go.

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