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oreddie 07-16-2015 06:22 PM

Sprinter SR - Spare Tire Wired for Trouble
I was preparing to lower to lower the spare tire on my '15 Citation Sprinter SR when I noted that a wiring bundle was wrapped around the carrier frame. Had I lowered the spare the wires would have been damaged.

The bundle is on the driver side. I had to disconnect it (the disconnect is close to the spare tire) to get it off the carrier frame. It takes a bot of oomph to twist it off. After disconnecting I think it may be part of the trailer hitch wiring. Looks like about 7 pins, male one side, female the other.

I recommend owners of this model check their rigs for this little treat. I was working in my driveway and wouldn't wanted to have to do the work on the side of the road.

oreddie 07-16-2015 11:03 PM

Found a second and similar set of wires wrapped in the spare tire carrier on the passenger side. Same fix; disconnect and unwrap.

Good Sam Roadside vendor changed out my flat. Not all services will un-mount the spare. This fellow would have but he would also have had a mighty struggle fitting under the coach. :)

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