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cinderella 09-28-2019 02:31 AM

Help! Shower drain problem & question
Evenin' all! We have a 2016 Challenger. Leaving at the crack of dawn for a family weekend wedding trip on the east coast and my hubby noticed shower drain not draining! We have 4 people to get cleaned up tomorrow afternoon! :eek:

No way have we used the shower so much that hair or something simply is clogging the pipe. However, hubby fished the prong-stick-thing down the drain to see if he could snag hair or whatever.... There appears to be some sort of white balloon type thing stuck in there! We cannot get it out and pondering it now, I wonder if that thing somehow is the cover?? to keep the gray tank smells from coming back up the pipe? (smell from the drain is supremely unpleasant) and somehow it got dislodged and wouldn't let water drain, and now we have inadvertently dislodged it even further??

Anybody know anything? many thanks!!

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