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Mo_Mike 10-04-2019 01:37 AM

Bed question for AXIS/VEGAS 25.2 owners
Not sure this really applies to any coach other than the VEGAS?AXIS 25.2. I am 6'3" and the 74" long queen mattress leaves a lot (or at least 5") to be desired..

Got to thinking that if we put a 5" section of foam at the head of the bed (to support the pillows) that would make the length 79-80" (right in KING territory)

Tried it tonight and it was a wonderful feeling not to have my feet dangling...

Has anyone else tried this? If so did it work well? Also, I am thinking of placing a board under the foot to support the 5" "hangover'..

Just wondered if any other tall guys have had this idea....:thumb:

TheDustyGeek 10-04-2019 05:08 AM

We had a Jayco Toy Hauler TT that came with a cushion that was something like 6" square and RV queen-sized wide. We never knew the exact reason for it, but we presumed that was exactly what it was for - to extend the length of the bed.

With my wife being 5'2" and me 5'11", we never needed/used it as it would have made it difficult to walk past the end of the bed with it in place, which was required due to the layout. So, we just stored it until we sold the TT to get our current rig.

Mr Sunshine 10-04-2019 12:36 PM

I am not quite your height, but a bit too long for the standard camper queen. I added a foam buffer about 5 inches and it made all the difference in our 25.2. Once in place, it is there as long I I sleep in that bed. Much more comfortable for me, no change for Mrs S.

There was no need to support the foot end of the mattress with the overhang, after all it's just toes. the mattress is not just folding, the part that flips down is a little thicker. With the buffer added, our mattress tends to slide towards the foot. A big sheet of the stuff you line drawers and put under rugs helps reduce that slipping.

With a couple of cushy mattress pads and a replacement comforter on top of the mattress, it won't fold flat. So I attached an eye screw to each side and a long bungee hooked across the folded matress keeps it in place. That way it doesn't flop down on the door as we travel.

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