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Har 10-07-2019 09:58 PM

Axxera AV614BH
We have an Axxera AV614BH in our 2018 Thor Chateau Class C motorhome. The CD player does not work. Does anyone know how to fix it or do we just need to get a "boom" box to play CDs? We were told that a CD cleaner wouldn't solve the problem. Thanks for any information.

Lt Keefer 10-07-2019 10:22 PM

Anything with an Axxera nameplate is not worthy of fixing.

RichS 10-07-2019 10:29 PM

I have a 2016 28H Freedom Elite and replaced mine with a Kenwood Excelon 595. It took my local car stereo business 45 minutes to replace. Didn't need to do anything special with the back up camera. All works well.

Mr Sunshine 10-08-2019 01:41 AM

Assuming you are out of warranty, replace if you aren't satisfied with the radio unit. Maybe a reset with a pin through that tiny hole will make it work? My radio has two little holes, only one does anything.

Before you trash it, call Axxera and see what they say. Find the number at Axxera Mobile Audio and Video

Please report back!

ducksface 10-08-2019 01:59 AM

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$125 to install so I didn't have to jack with it.

That axxera is just a place holder for the stereo/android of your choice.

Daisata now makes a 13" screen if you feel the need.
Joying makes a screen that goes from landscape, rotates itself to portrait, at the push of a button.

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