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Cindysteve 10-16-2019 07:39 PM

Battery Issue
Having a battery issue and hoping someone can help. While changing the house batteries I tried to tape all wires together for each battery post. When pulling the second battery out all the tape fell off and mixed up the wires. I called Thor and they sent me a schematic for my coach and I installed the wires according to the schematic. However, the wire for the emergency solenoid was connected to a 50 AMP circuit and not the house batteries, but the schematic Thor gave me had both attached independent of each other.

The newly installed batteries were showing a low voltage (11V) on the digital display on the inverter. So I started the rig up in hopes of charging the house batteries. The engine ran for about 30 seconds, the RPM increased and then the engine died. I restarted the engine and the same thing happened. When I tried a third time the rig was completely dead and nothing worked. I replaced the Chassis battery and still nothing. It is as though there is no chassis battery installed. I checked the 100AMP chassis battery breaker and it not tripped.

I also tried the emergency start and it is not working. As I write this according to my volt meter all 3 batteries are fully charged. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? The house batteries are working for the electric inside the coach, but I cant get any power to the engine.

HaRVey 10-16-2019 09:32 PM

I suspect you'll need to provide your year and model of your RV as well as some pictures of what you changed, in order for someone to be able to help you.

javelin 10-16-2019 10:29 PM

It looks like a 2016 ACE 29.3 from their posted possibly a BIRD battery charge system? I don't know if Thor still used a BCC in 2016 ACEs. Perhaps attach the schematic from Thor and some pictures of your battery cubby and maybe we can suggest a solution.

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