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cruzin101 10-17-2019 01:36 AM

Roof type and rv carport recommendations
Does anyone know what type of roof the 2011 Hurricane 31D has. Just want to make sure I get the right maintenance stuff (wash\protectant etc)

Also do any of you have recommendations of carport installers?

javelin 10-17-2019 11:28 PM

Well I am not sure what you have for roofing material but attaching a video to show you a couple ways to tell if its EPDM or TPO. Also I "believe" that standard Dicor roofing products are compatible with TPO which has fleece backing; and if it does not have fleece backing then I think a special 2 part Dicor product should be used for those TPO roofing repairs. Regarding carport builders, I will defer to those folks that have built them for recommendations.

Bob Denman 10-17-2019 11:47 PM

The Brochure says, "Premium, one-piece TPO roof". :thumb:

cruzin101 10-18-2019 12:39 AM

Roof type
Thanks for all the info. Definitely TPO

Bob Denman 10-18-2019 01:33 AM

Google is my friend... and yours too!

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