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Richie 11-09-2019 03:24 PM

Winterizing Quantum RS26/Four Winds 26B Questions
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Began winterizing the RS26 today and thought I would review the processes often used by various MH owners and ask two questions.
Our previous coach had an external water bay with various valves, one of which was labeled "Winterize". This process drew antifreeze from the container and distributed it throughout the coach. Since the Class C does not have this feature I took a shortcut last winter and merely filled the fresh water tank with several gallons of antifreeze and ran the pump to distribute it through the plumbing and the tankless water heater. This process worked very well and had no negative effects. In the spring I drained the antifreeze, flushed the system and the tank and all was well.
This year I thought I would research an alternate if not better process. while examining the plumbing of the tank, pump, tankless water heater, low point drains, etc., all located under the dinette seat, I ran across a fitting (photo attached). This fitting is located at the hot water low point drain originating at the water heater output.
Does anyone know the purpose of this fitting?
Other than using compressed air or adding antifreeze to the holding tank to pump through the system is there an alternate way to winterize? On my coach there is no inlet between the fresh water tank and the pump.

javelin 11-10-2019 01:58 PM

I see no responses to your posting so my 2 cents worth is that it looks like you have two low point pull style drain valves (hot and cold). My “guess” is that Thor used the standard and available pull valves and then needed a way to cap the hot valve on one side, since it clearly was not going to feed any hot water devices after the drain valve. Why they would not just cap it instead of using a threaded fitting might be just availability of the fittings they had on hand at the time. Not sure I would want to do any water draining or filling etc inside my coach, but then my water pump etc are all located in a wet bay with outside access.

Regarding the use of pink non toxic antifreeze in the fresh water tank; each to his own on this one. I use about 2 gallons of pink in my fresh tank every Fall, not because I am concerned about the fresh tank itself freezing up, but because I am concerned about the pex feed line (and shut off valve) from the fresh tank to the water pump freezing if any residual water is left in that line. Pink in the fresh tank feeding the pump is a simple way to do that. I do however have a suction line for pink antifreeze between the fresh tank and pump which I use for the bulk of the coach winterization process.......only because it is easier than pouring all the pink through a gravity feed port on the fresh tank. Lastly, for those concerned about pink in the fresh tank......where do you think all that pink sits through out the all the pex water lines in the coach that carry the fresh water to your taps during the season. I guess I would rather ensure no freeze damage (and associated repair costs) and then do a good job flushing and sanitizing the system in Spring. There is always bottled water for drinking, if non toxic pink is really a major concern. Of course then you have to store the bottled water you need somewhere too.

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